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Excerpts from Provost Lyman's Charge:

The Academic Master Plan (AMP) will be developed by the AMP Steering Committee and larger AMP Task Force through a process of highly inclusive engagement of the academic community of Shippensburg University. The primary role of the Steering Committee will be to guide the planning process as it unfolds around the work of workgroups.

The primary goal of AMP Steering Committee and Task Force members is to develop the Academic Master Plan document by Fall 2010. The expectation is that during the remainder of academic year 2009-2010, the AMP Steering Committee will use the recommendations of the Summer 2009 AMP Planning Support Team to refine the base process for the academic community's full engagement in the AMP planning process during 2010 and going forward. The resulting AMP document will reflect the academic prioritized goals that we choose to steer and set us apart over the next five years. The plan should also situate us well for the submission of the next Periodic Review Report to the Middle States Commission due in 2014.

The AMP Task Force is charged with employing a process that is highly inclusive, engaging, and transparent to stakeholders. The plan should also represent a sustainable process. Given its academic focus, the Academic Master Plan should guide SU in designing new academic programs while maintaining the quality and vitality of existing programs. However, the plan should also reflect the means by which Shippensburg University will distinguish itself in all areas central to our academic mission. In these endeavors, the AMP Task Force will be able to consider and use the recommendations of the AMP Planning Support Team to enhance its work. During the summer of 2009 the six-member AMP Planning Support Team reviewed and summarized key elements of a robust planning process and has made this information along with numerous planning related resources available for reference by the Task Force.

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