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Title II Passing Rates

College of Education and Human Services

Higher Education Opportunity Act (HEOA) Title II Reporting

Academic Year Number Taking Assessment1 Number Passing Assessment2 Institutional Pass Rate
2016-17 124 90 72.6%
2015-16 121 87 71.9%
2014-15 152 123 80.9%

Source: Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Date Reported: February 5th, 2018

Note: In cases where there are less than ten students taking the assessment or license/certificate, the number passing and pass rate are not reported.
1 Number of completers taking one or more assessments within there area of specialization.
2 Summary level "Number Taking Assessment" may differ from assessment level "Number Taking Assessment" because each student is counted once at the summary level but may be counted in multiple assessments at the assessment level

Association of Social Work Boards

Academic Year Number Taking Assessment Number Passing Assessment Institutional Pass Rate
2016-17 25 20 80.0%
2015-16 18 16 88.9%
2014-15 25 23 92.0%

Source: Association of Social Work Boards
Date Reported: 2017

The table above presents the numbers of examinations administered to candidates who indicated that they attended the college or university listed above. Figures indicate the percentage of first-time, repeat, and total examinees who passed the Masters examination during the years(s) 2014-2016. Note that failing examinees may repeat the examination more than once.

National Counseling Exam (NCE)

Academic Year Term Institutional Pass Rate
2017-18 Spring 100.0%
2017-18 Fall 71.4%
2016-17 Spring 78.6%
2016-17 Fall 100.0%
2015-16 Spring 100.0%
2015-16 Fall 81.8%
2014-15 Spring 84.6%

Source: NASBA (National Association of State Boards of Accountancy) University Reports

College of Business

CPA Pass Rates (First Time)

Academic Year Number Taking Assessment Institutional Pass Rate
2017-18 36 61.7%
2016-17 35 77.8%
2015-16 41 64.8%
2014-15 29 69.7%
2013-14 36 66.7%

Source: Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Date Reported: February 5th, 2018