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Innovation is the Silver Bullet that comes in the smallest and largest of undertakings. Finding a new more efficient route to work or the cure for polio, are each moment that provides their undertaker a sense of pride and accomplishment for asking the question “What IF?”. Curiosity, unwillingness to accept status quo, implementation, follow-up,  and grit all characterize the spirit of innovation Shippensburg University aims to accomplish.

Our students represent the very best of what this storied and great state has to offer its region and country. Shippensburg University students are diligent, tenacious, spirited and capable with a healthy sense of hardscrabble determination. The Center looks to forge these attributes alongside creativity to continue to help economically vitalize the Cumberland Valley and the State of Pennsylvania. The Diller Center aims to inculcate an innovative desire and passion in Shippensburg University students, faculty, and staff. Further that our Shipp community will take this spirit of innovation to change the world into a more positive and productive place than we found it. They will do this by enriching their education and minds while at school and lay the groundwork to launch successful businesses, ventures, and contributions to society.