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JBD Journal Publications

Journal of Business Disciplines
ISSN: Online 2690-8220 - Articles published online as accepted

Updated March 6, 2024

A Proposal for a Professional Doctorate in Accounting to Address the Accounting Faculty Shortage
Andrew D. Schiff & Gary Staples
EBSCO Volume 2 Issue 1 page 1-18

Forced abrupt transition of face-to-face courses to online: A case study
Ali Ardalan & Roya K. Ardalan
EBSCO Volume 1 Issue 1 page 1-25

Abrupt Conversion of Face-to-Face Courses to Online
Ali Ardalan, Roya K. Ardalan & G. Steven Rhiel
EBSCO Volume 1 Issue 1 page 26-47

Using Military Strategy to Teach Marketing Strategy: Preparing Students for the Global Economy
Diane M. Phillips & Jason Keith Phillips
EBSCO Volume 1 Issue 1 page 48-63

Co-opted Directors and Board Effectiveness- The Impact of Director Gender
Thomas E. Wilson, Jr.
EBSCO Volume 1 Issue 1 page 64-90

Leveraging Language Proficiency Through Cultural Intelligence to Improve Global Virtual Team Performance
Robert D. Stephens, Longzhu Dong, Ana Maria Soares
EBSCO Volume 1 Issue 1 page 91-101

ABD Journal Publications
Academy of Business Disciplines: 2009-2019
ISSN: Online 2150-1033 - Articles published online as accepted

Updated March 26, 2018

Volume 11 Number 1, 2018

Sustainable Investing - Is 12b-1 Relevant
S.P. Rao
Page 1-12

The Effect of Community Identity on the Perception of Product Quality In Vietnam’s Leading Cities: An Exploratory Study
Garold Lantz, Sandra G. Loeb, Le Thi My Linh
Page 12-26

Modeling Volatility of US Consumer Credit Series
Ellis Heath
Page 27-41

Have Second-Tier Auditors Impacted Auditor Concentration? Analysis of Changes from 2002 to 2014
R. Mithu Dey & Lucy Lim
Page 42-61

Volume 10 Number 1, 2017

Benefits of Military Service - Testing a More Complete Spectrum
Christine Wright-Isak, Mushfiq Swaleheen & S/Sgt. Christopher Guy
Page 1-11

Development of a New Strategy to Reduce the Incidence of Chronic Diseases and Their Complications
Bernard J. Healey, Michele McGowan, Marc Marchese & Tina Evans
Page 12-23

Life Partners - Fraudulent Activities and Material Misstatements
Michael Molloy, Jin Dong Park & Charles Martin
Page 24-36

Volume 9 Number 1, 2016

Co-opted Directors and Board Effectiveness: The Impact of Director Gender
Thomas E. Wilson, Jr.
Page 1-11

Volume 8 Number 1, 2016

A Review of Disclosure Practices of Latin American Companies
Camelia S. Ferrua Rotaru
Page 1-13

Cultural Factors Influencing Accounting Standard-Setting: The Unique Case of Costa Rica
Diane Riordan & Michael Riordan
Page 12-24

NutraCea, Inc. - A Revenue Recognition Case Study
Taylor Corey, Daniel Russell, Arundhati Rao & Charles Martin
Page 25-38

The Relationship between Corporate Ethical Climate and Employee Attitudes
Erik Eddy, Richard Proctor, and Charles Seifert
Page 39-49

The NASCAR Sponsorship Alignment Team: A Proposed Model
Danielle Minner, Ronald K. Taylor
Page 50-69

Volume 7 Number 2, 2015

Proposed Leasing Standard: Impact on the Airline Industry
Deanna O. Burgess, Ara G. Volkan, Juliana Castellanos,
Orlando Solarte, Gabriela Afre, Cynthia Ross & Sladjana Vasic
Page 1-15

Volume 7 Number 1, 2015

The "Dirty Dozen" Tax Scams Plus 1
Betty M. Thorne & Judson P. Stryker
Page 1-22

The Effects of Organizational Structure on Selling Behaviors
Subhra Chakrabarty, Mohsen A. Bagnied & Robert E. Widing II
Page 23-40

What Were the Tax Deductions Offered to Help Cure the Housing Crisis? Did They Work?
Teresa K. Lang & Rita C. Jones
Page 41-52

Personality Preferences and Success in Introductory Accounting
Paul Schloemer
Page 53-62

Does a Separate Accounting Accreditation Matter?
Mary D. Myers, Ali J. Kooti & John G. Kooti
Page 63-71

Volume 6 Number 2, 2014

An Exploratory Investigation of Marketing Research Services in India
Madhav N. Segal & Junhong Min
Page 1-22

An Integrated Accounting and Finance MBA Core Course: A Business Valuation Experience
Nicholas J. Fessler & Jose Mercado-Mendez
Page 23-75

Work Overload Stress of Russian Working Adults: Do Age, Gender, Education, Religion, Management Experience and Government Work Experience Make a Difference?
Dr. Lam D. Nguyen, Dr. Natalia Ermasova, Dr. Alexander Demin
& Dr. Nicholas Koumbiadis
Page 76-89

Teaching the Income Tax Formula Through Historical Comparison
Diane A. Riordan, Michael P. Riordan
Page 90-103

Effects of Macroeconomic Variables on Consumer Staples and Consumer Discretionary Sectors
Jill Guericke, Michael Allgrunn, Ph.D., Angeline Lavin, PhD
Page 104-129

Volume 6 Number 1, 2014

Do Age and Management Experience Make a Difference in Leadership Orientations? An Empirical Study of Omani and Vietnamese Working Adults
Dr. Lam D. Nguyen, Dr. Bahaudin G. Mujtabe, Dr.Quan H.M. Tran
& Chat N. Tran
Page 1-16

Project Management - A Survey of Faculty Attitudes Regarding Curriculum
Dennis Bialaszewski & Anna Krutik
Page 17-31

Credit Union Failures: Why Liquidate Instead of Merge?
Daniel Ames, Chris S. Hines & Jomo Sankara
Page 32-63

Using Earnings Restatements to Create Significant Learning Experiences for Business Students
Kathryn G. Yeaton
Page 64-78

Volume 5 Number 2, 2013

Student Wellness and Personal Change Projects in the Management Classroom
Julie Palmer-Schuyler & Carolyn Gardner
Page 1-19

Volume 5 Number 1, 2013

How to "Align" an Online Finance Course Using Capital Budgeting Analysis
Martina Schmidt
Page 1-20

East Asia Monetary Integration and Long Term Economic Growth
John G. Kooti & Feng Xu
Page 21-31

Museum Marketing Management: A Sampling of Non- and Recent- Visitors across Place and Group
Khoon Koh, Pei-Ti Chen & Ei-Leen Yeoh
Page 32-54

Teaching and Evaluating the Differences in an International
Entrepreneurial Environment
Alesia Slocum & Miles K. Davis
Page 55-68

Naturally Occurring Brands: A Preliminary Test of Validity
Christine Wright-Isak & Mushfiq Swaleheen
Page 69-87

Another Look at Retail Gravitation Theory: History, Analysis,
and Future Considerations
Wesley Friske & Sunhee Choi
Page 88-106

Volume 4 Number 2, 2012

A Study of Team Performance in Business Communication: Can the FIRO-B Help?
Joan Mansfield, Janet Winter & Karen Waner
Page 1-19

Simplifying Deferred Taxes
Deanna O. Burgess, Jacqueline R. Conrecode, Adrian Valencia & Ara G. Volkan
Page 20-36

The Decision Regarding Offshore Engineering at Acme Machine Works Corporation: A Case-Study Perspective from Optimization Modeling
William Dyer & James S. Moore
Page 37-53

Using Role-Play as an Experiential Learning Tool to Introduce Students to Auditing
Susanne O'Callaghan, Raymond J. Elson & John P. Walker
Page 54-77

Hispanic Consumer Preference: Relationships with Acculturation and Materialism
David J. Burns & Mary Conway Dato-on
Page 78-96

Retirement Planning for Generation Y
Rita C. Jones, John Walker & Teresa K. Lang
Page 97-108

Volume 4 Number 1, 2012

Teaching Integration in MBA Programs
Daniel Fredrickson & Angeline Lavin
Page 1-19

Learning for the Global Marketplace: Identifying Factors that Influence Motivation for Education Abroad
Bethany Galipeau-Konate & RT Good
Page 20-38

Student Reactions to Online Homework Management Systems: A Look at Prior Research
John Haverty
Page 39-49

A Simulation-Optimization Approach to the Inventory Management of Two Perishable and Substitutable Items
Bret Myers & Avijit Banerjee
Page 50-64

Using the Case Method Approach to Introduce Students to International Financial Reporting Standards
Vincent Brenner, Monica Jeancola & Ann Watkins
Page 65-78

Communication by Story: A Pedagogical Device to Animate the Dismal Science
Arifeen Daneshyar
Page 79-92

Volume 3 Number 2, 2011

The Caribbean Clothing Assembly Industry and the Asian Competition
Dale Thomas Mathews
Page 1-18

Short-Selling and Earnings Announcements: Evidence from NYSE*
Matthew Serfling & Wei Zhang
Page 19-34

The Impact of Student Attributes, Technology Beliefs & E-Networking on Internet-based Learning Success
Sharath Sasidharan
Page 35-57

The Business School Strategy: Continuous Improvement by Implementing the Balanced Scorecard
Charles J. Pineno & W. Randy Boxx
Page 58-72

Jonestown Jaguars (A), (B), (C)
Eileen A. Hogan, Donna Steslow & Dan Benson
Page 73-82

Company Stock Valuation and Acquisition in a Family Business (Buying Out the Relatives): A Case Study
John James Cater III & Benny Zachry
Page 83-94

Volume 3 Number 1, 2011

Can Corporate Social Responsibility be Taught?
Yue Cai-Hillon & Mary McCord
Page 1-13

The Impact of the Appreciation of the Chinese Yuan on the US Manufacturing Sector
John G. Kooti & Feng Xu
Page 15-29

Monetary Policy Rule Welfare Comparisons
Peter V. Bias
Page 31-46

The Chocolate Utopia LLC - An Enterprise Risk Assessment Case
Susanne O'Callaghan, Raymond J. Elson & John P. Walker
Page 48-63

Teacher's Unions and Administrators' and Teachers' Morale:
Perceived Effects

Roy L. Baker, Eileen E. Berg & James B. Schiro
Page 65-93

The Reading Motivations Scale: Users and Gratifications of Readers,
with Implications for Marketers
R. Nicholas Gerlich, Kristina Drumheller & Marc Sollosy
Page 95-106

Volume 2 Number 2, 2010

The Impact of Color and Product Congruency on User Trust in B2C E-Commerce
Sharath Sasidharan
Page 1-15

Using A Web-Based Homework System in a Managerial Accounting Course: Does it Help Students to Learn?
John L. Haverty
Page 17-27

The Blame Game - Who's at Fault in the Mortgage Crisis?
Rita Jones, Jason Beard & Vicky Langston
Page 29-43

Planning Virtual International Field Trips in Accounting Courses
Diane A. Riordan & Michael P. Riordan
Page 45-55

Modeling Nonlinear Pick Rates in the Mini-Pick Process at an IBM Replenishment Plant
Robert Neidigh & Allison Shirley
Page 57-67

Volume 2 Number 1, 2010

A Goal Programming Approach to a Media Mix Advertising Plan: A Case Study of a Private-Practice Health Care Provider
Amy Boyer & James S. Moore
Page 1-27

The Google Online Marketing Challenge: An Opportunity to Assess Experiential Learning
Marilyn Lavin
Page 29-39

Building Pathways for Intercultural Learning: Globally Engaging First Generation Business Students
RT Good
Page 41-56

Understanding the Online Selling Environment: A Segmentation Approach to Profiling eBay Sellers
Victor Massad
Page 58-66

Issues and Considerations Regarding the Use of Enterprise Simulations Early in an EMBA Program
Robert E. Laessig & Brett Myers
Page 68-84

The Determinants of Remittances in Latin America and the Caribbean
Richard McGowan, S.J. & John F. Mahon
Page 86-101

Volume 1 Number 1, 2009

Factors Contributing to the Success to Women in Finance
Susan Coleman
Page 1-17

The Relationship between REIT Property Types and Economic Risk Factors
Gary A. Patterson
Page 19-28

Using Inter-Class Teams in Teaching Business Statistics
Betty Thorne & John Tichenor
Page 30-43

Corporate Social Responsibility in Professional Sports: An Analysis of the NBA, NFL and MLB
Richard A. McGowan, S.J. & John F. Mahon
Page 45-82

Choosing An Exit Strategy: A Case Study
John James Cater III & Ken Chadwick
Page 84-94

A Survey of Ph.D. Candidate Shortage in Business Schools
Sarah K. Bryant & Maling Ebrahimpour
Page 96-106

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