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Major Course Requirements

Double Majors--Students may count a maximum of one course toward two different majors with the permission of the respective department chairs.


ACCT 306     Tax Accounting (F&SP) 
ACCT 310     Intermediate Accounting I (F&SP)
ACCT 311     Intermediate Accounting II (F&SP)
ACCT 312     Cost Determination & Analysis (F&SP)
ACCT 404     Auditing ( F&SP)
ACCT 418     Accounting Information & Control Systems
*ELECT.       2 Accounting Electives
ITAN 300       Information Technology and Business Analytics (F&SP)


ENTR 336   Product Design & Development (F)
ENTR 337   Issues in Entrepreneurship (SP) 
ENTR 338   Social & Green Entrepreneurship (SP)
ENTR 431   Corporate Entrepreneurship (F&SP)

Entrepreneurship | Entrepreneurship Track

ENTR 432     Entrepreneurship (SP)
ENTR 433     Small Business Management (F)

Entrepreneurship | Innovation Management Track

ENTR 480     Innovation Management (F)   
ENTR 481     Innovation Competencies and Tools (F)


FINA 312    Investments (F)
FINA 313    Advanced Financial Management (SP) 
FINA 314    Financial Institutions (F)
FINA 333    Applied Company and Security Analysis (SP)
*ELECT.    3 Finance Electives

Personal Financial Planning

FINA 312     Investments (F)
FINA 320     Risk Management & Insurance (SP) 
FINA 322     Estate Planning (F)
FINA 324     Retirement Planning & Employee Benefits (SP)
FINA 333     Applied Company and Security Analysis (SP) 
FINA 421     Personal Financial Planning Capstone (SP) 
ACCT 306   Tax Accounting (F&SP)

Business Management

MGMT 340    Human Resource Management (F&SP)    
MGMT 498    Business Planning and Implementation (F&SP)
*ELECT.       4 Business Management Electives

Human Resource Management

MGMT 340     Human Resource Management (F&SP)
MGMT 342     Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining (F)
MGMT 346     Employment Law (SP)
MGMT 448     Strategic Compensation (SP)
*ELECT.        2 Human Resource Management Electives

International Management

MGMT 340    Human Resource Management (F&SP)
MGMT 370    International Business (F&SP) 
MGMT 470    International Management (F)
MKTG 360    International Marketing (F)
*ELECT.       2 International Management Electives

Information Systems and Analytics

ITAN 240    Python Programming for Business Analytics (F) 
ITAN 340    Business Programming for Analytics (SP) 
ITAN 344    Business Systems Analysis & Design (F)
ITAN 355    Database Data Management and Analytics (F)
ITAN 399    Information Security (SP)
ITAN 425    Analytics and Technology Integration (SP) 
ITAN 446    Applied Project Management (SP)


MKTG 306     Consumer Behavior (SP)
MKTG 430     Marketing Research (F)
MKTG 495    Marketing Analysis & Strategy Dev. (SP)
*ELECT.       3 Marketing Electives

Marketing Management

MKTG 206    Consumer Behavior( SP)
MKTG 325    Advertising & Promotional Strategy (F) 
MKTG 360    International Marketing (F)
MKTG 370    Services Marketing (SP)
MKTG 430    Marketing Research (F) 
MKTG 495    Marketing Management (SP)
*ELECT.      1 Marketing Elective

Digital Marketing & Analytics

MKTG 206    Consumer Behavior (SP) 
MKTG 331    Marketing Analytics I (F) 
MKTG 335    Digital Marketing (F)
MKTG 339    Social Media Marketing (SP)
MKTG 430    Marketing Research (F) 
MKTG 451    Marketing Analytics II (SP) 
*ELECT.      1 Marketing Elective

Supply Chain Management

SCMG 315    Strategic Procurement (F&SP)
SCMG 355    Quality Mgt and Continuous Improvement (F&SP)
SCMG 370    Integrated Supply Chain Systems (F&SP)  
SCMG 380    Data Mining for Supply Chain Management (F&SP) 
SCMG 420    Global Logistics Systems (F&SP)
*ELECT.       1 Supply Chain Elective

Logistics Management

SCMG 370    Integrated Supply Chain Systems (F&SP) 
SCMG 390    Strategic Warehouse Management (SP) 
SCMG 410    Distribution Systems in Supply Chain (SP)
SCMG 420    Global Logistics Systems (F&SP)
*ELECT.       2 Logistics Management Electives

(F)  Fall Semester   |   (SP)  Spring Semester

*See list of major course electives