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Override Request

STOP. Read this first. Don't submit a request if you can sign up for the course yourself!  Please remember to check prerequisites for each course you would like to take.  Any holds on your account must be taken care of before registration.

This form is only needed if: 

  1. You receive a Registration Error, or
  2. The course is restricted, and you don't meet the restriction conditions. Please check course/section restrictions by clicking on the CRN of the course and then on the Prerequisite/Restrictions link.  Some sections of a course may be restricted to specific majors only.  If you do not meet the restriction criteria for a particular section, select a different part, and try to register before completing an override request form or contact the academic department for assistance. (  

NOTE: Requesting an override does not guarantee that your request will be approved.  The status of your application will be sent to your SU email address from the Academic Department.

This form will not submit until information has been entered into all required fields.

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