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Interdisciplinary Arts, BA

Shippensburg University’s Interdisciplinary Arts (BA) program is the only major of its kind among the 14 universities in Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education. This program recognizes the power of interdisciplinary learning. Why settle for one academic path when you can be an interdisciplinary thinker and practitioner? You will learn the advantages of being a divergent thinker.

What Will I Learn?

The Interdisciplinary Arts program:

  • Will teach you how to be adaptive to change, to work successfully in group settings and to be a problem solver
  • Will encourage you, as an individual, to access more than one type of intelligence. You will utilize, verbal, logical, musical, kinesthetic, visual, spatial and interpersonal intelligences
  • Will teach you that creativity, imagination, communication skills and problem solving are still competitive in a career market that no one can predict

Core courses provide a strong foundation in the historical, theoretical and practical knowledge of the arts. You are encouraged to explore the interdisciplinary connections between them. You have a great deal of flexibility and customization. Your academic advisor will help you determine your:

  • Primary area of study (5 courses)
  • Two secondary areas of study (4 courses each)

Man stands smiling with hands in pocket

Meet Zeb Hults

“I truly believe that the arts-based curriculum and the professors shaped who I am today and why I do what I do. "

How Zeb Hults found success at Ship

What are the requirements for this degree?

To enter the program, you must have at least a 2.0 GPA.

Coursework in at least two different forms of art is required, but course selection is not limited to the arts alone.


Minors in these areas and more may aid you in your career endeavors:

  • Business
  • Communication
  • English
  • Psychology
  • Disability studies

What Types of Careers Could I Get With This Degree?

This program allows you to create an individualized path of study that involves the arts and other areas that suit your career goals, such as education, business and the social sciences.

For example, a student interested in a career in art criticism might choose art as their primary area and English and communication/journalism as their secondary areas.

Some specific areas of work include:

  • Applied arts performance
  • Arts administration
  • Marketing
  • Public relations
  • Music and art therapy
  • Entertainment technologies
  • Education
  • Special events planning

What Career Outcomes Do Alumni Have With This Degree?

A list of of the top job titles for Interdisciplinary Arts alumni
The estimated salary for Interdisciplinary Arts alumni

What Kinds of Experiences Could I Have?

The program offers three distinctive opportunities for capstone experience. Students may choose:

  • Thesis presentation
  • Arts presentation
  • Internship

Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities to boost your resume and gain experience outside the classroom through:

  • Art groups
    • Student Art League
    • National Art Education Association
  • Broadcasting
    • SUTV (student television station)
    • WSYC (student radio station)
  • Performance groups
    • Dance troupes
    • Music ensembles (instrumental and vocal)
    • Activities Programming Board (performance and event planning)
  • Publications
    • The Reflector (creative writing)
    • Visivo (art and photography)
    • The Slate (campus newspaper)

Contact the Interdisciplinary Arts Program Director, Margaret Lucia 236 Luhrs Performing Arts Center 1871 Old Main Drive Shippensburg PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1527