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Music Ensemble Registration Procedure

Beginning Fall 2013, students wishing to participate in any ensemble, will register during their registration time.
In the past, directors submitted a list of students who wanted to take their ensemble for credit. Whether there are auditions or not,
students will now register for the ensemble in the prior semester or summer.

Ensemble Credit


  • You will find audition information for each ensemble on the individual ensemble pages.
  • The ensemble pages also include information about the scheduled rehearsal day(s)/times(s) and specific registration procedures for each ensemble.
  •  If after the audition, you are NOT accepted into the ensemble, you must drop the course before the designated drop date (usually at the end of the 1st week of classes). Failure to do so will result in receiving an F for the course.
Contact the Music & Theater Arts Performing Arts Center 220 Phone: 717-477-1638