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5-Year BSBA/MBA Program in Accounting

An accelerated BSBA/MBA program is proposed for students who are qualified on the bases of scholastic aptitude, academic performance, and accounting-related work experience. Students who qualify for this program may earn both the Bachelor’s and Master’s of Business Administration within a total period often semesters and two summer sessions. Students would be admitted provisionally at beginning of their fourth year upon meeting the admission requirements.

Suggested Program Plan for 150 hours.  Accounting Students

--- First & Second Years ---

Same as Suggested Program Plan for BSBA
(63 Credits)

--- Third Year ---

Fall Semester (15 credits)

ACC 310 – Intermediate Accounting I  
ACC 312 - Cost Determination & Analysis
FIN 311 - Financial Management

________ General Education Elective
________ General Education Elective

Spring Semester (15 credits)

ACC311 – Intermediate Accounting II  
MGT 305 - Organizational Behavior
MIS 300 - Info.Tech. & Bus. Analytics
_______ General Education Elective
_______ General Education Elective

--- Summer (3 credits) ---

Internship - Accounting (3 credits)

--- Fourth Year ---

Fall Semester (15 credits)

ACC 306 - Tax Accounting
ACC404 – Auditing (Fall ONLY)  
ACC401 – Advanced Financial Accounting
MGT447 - Business & Society

MBA529 Corporate Financial Management  

Spring Semester (15 credits)

MGT 497 – Strategic Management
400-level accounting elective  
MBA502 Managerial Accounting 
________ General Education Elective
________ General Education Elective

--- Summer (6 credits) ---

2 MBA electives

--- Fifth Year ---

Fall Semester (9 credits)

MBA565 – Contemporary Decision Making  
MBA554 – International Business
MBA556 - Organizational Leadership

Spring Semester (9 credits)

Select 2 of the 3 listed
MBA548 IT Management & Innovation
MBA570 Marketing Management
MBA577 Supply Chain Management

MBA593 Strategic Management


  • Letter of application and current resume (submitted to the Accounting Department);
  • Completion of a minimum of 75 credit hours (minimum of 12 credits of 300-level accounting courses taken at Shippensburg, including ACC310 and ACC312);
  • Minimum of 3.2 GPA overall and minimum of 3.2 GPA in 300-level accounting courses;
  • Detailed plan worked out in conjunction with the department chair/academic advisor;
  • Written evidence of having completed and/or secured a 3-credit accounting internship.

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