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Graduate Programs 

Program Description

The MIS department offers a certificate in Management Information Systems for working professionals who have an under-graduate degree and who seek to upgrade their management and technical skill sets in order to become more fluent in a technologically challenging environment.  Admittance to the Management Information Systems Certificate post-baccalaureate programs is open to individuals who have earned at least a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution and have an interest in the information technology certificate. This program is designed to meet the needs of working professionals and can be completed in one year by taking one to two courses per semester, depending upon students’ schedule and availability. Students interested in pursuing an MBA degree at Shippensburg University can apply two of the core courses (see below) toward meeting the MBA elective requirement. 

  Certificate in MIS 
Total Credits 12 

   (see below for specific courses 

4 Required Core Courses

Core Course Program Delivery

Students may take the program at Shippensburg University or at the Dixon University Center in Harrisburg, PA. Videoconferencing technology is used to link the students and faculty member at these two locations in real time. One-half of each course is taught using this technology to broadcast instruction to the remote site, and to allow the faculty member and students to interact with each other face-to-face from multiple sites. The other half of each course is spent on web-based activities, providing student with flexibility and convenience in completing coursework. Each class is limited to 25 students, allowing students to interact directly with their faculty member on a regular basis.

Admission Requirements

To be eligible for admission to the graduate Certificate or Letter of Completion in Management Information Systems, applicants must:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.
  • Complete the graduate certificate application
  • Submit official undergraduate AND graduate (if applicable) transcripts

Course Registration

The following MIS Graduate Certificate courses are offered for the spring semester. These courses are also accepted as an elective for the MBA and the ODL programs. 

For other graduate programs at Ship, please consult your advisor. 

These courses are offered under the Extend Studies office and will be video-conferenced between SU and Dixon University Center. For information on scheduling courses, please visit or contact: Cathy McHenry at 717-477-1502.


ISS515 Information Systems Project Management
May – June 

MBA547 Management Information Systems and Applications
June - August 


ISS 550 Database Design
August - December


ISS 570 Information Analysis
January - May

Earn a Master's Degree

The courses in the MIS certificate program can also count towards and serve as a pathway to three different Shippensburg University Master’s degrees – business administration, computer science, and organizational development and leadership. 

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New Students

Before registering for a class at Shippensburg University, you must complete a Graduate Non-Degree online application:

     1. Go to the Admin Portal. Set up a username 
         and password (record this information as you will need it later to enroll in a 
         class. Make sure to click SUBMIT or your application will not be processed.) 
     2. Your application will be reviewed and processed within 2 business days. 
     3. Once your application has been processed, you will receive directions for 
         enrolling in a course at the email address you provided in your application.

Other Information

Tuition, Fees, Bills, Refunds, Employer Payments: 

For information about applying financial assistance from your employer to pay your tuition and/or fees: 

If you have any questions or encounter any problems, contact the Office of Professional, Continuing, and Distance Education Studies (PCDE) at or Cathy McHenry at 717-477-1502.

Core Courses (required for the Certificate; 3 credits each)

ISS515 Information Systems Project Management

Introduces the student to the principles and practices necessary to be an effective information systems team member or project manager. Covers project scope, time, costs, quality and human resource management techniques as applied to project management problems and issues unique to the IS environment. Student will obtain hands-on experience using MS Project as well as other project management software. Course emphasis on the techniques of project management, leadership, teamwork, and project risk management. Casework is a major part of this course.

ISS570 Information Analysis

Designed to provide the student with the necessary skills to accomplish the systems analysis and logical design of information systems. Includes the role of a modern systems analyst as a problem solver in the business organization. Progresses through the Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), and includes project planning, project management, and feasibility assessment. Different methodologies, models, tools, and techniques used to document requirements, analyze and design systems will be introduced.

ISS550 DatabaseDesign

Designed to provide the student with the fundamentals of a database environment and address data and information management issues in a global multi-user business environment. Students will develop an understanding of the various roles within the data administration function of an organization. Covers the design and development of database management systems and various computer platforms.

MBA547 Management Information Systems and Applications

Designed to provide a managerial overview of the role of information systems in the business environment, the roles, and responsibilities of those involved, and the potential future trends in information technology and their implications on the business world. Information is a powerful resource and information systems (IS) are used in almost every business function within every industry. Knowledge of information and how it flows within processes is an essential element of success in virtually any position. While not everyone in business needs to be an IS professional with detailed technical expertise; everyone needs an in depth understanding of the subject to know how to use and manage IS in his or her profession.

Elective Course Options (required for the Certificate)

Students interested in the Certificate option must also choose two courses from the following list. For course descriptions, refer to the graduate catalog at

  • Any MBA course (3 credits each)
  • BSN510 Economic and Information Systems Environment (4 credits)
  • BSN511 Business Operations and Analysis (4 credits)
  • BSN512 Essentials of Accounting and Finance (4 credits)
  • BSN513 Organizational Behavior and Marketing (4 credits)
  • BSN514 Strategic Management and Leadership (4 credits)
  • GEO420 GISIII: Advanced Geographic InformationSystems (3credits)
  • GEO517 Applied Geographic Information Systems (3 credits)
  • SOC550 Leadership Theory and Practice (3 credits)
  • SOC560 Leadership, Change, and Innovation (3 credits)
  • Any 400, 500, or 600 level course in the ComputerScience program (3or 4 credits each)

For More Information Contact

Dr. Danesh:, 717- 477-1674 or 
Dr. Catanio:, 717-477-1526


Office of Professional, Continuing & Distance Education (PCDE)

MBA Program

The Program

Ship's 30-credit MBA consists of 8 required core courses (3 credits each) and 2 elective courses (3 credits each). The requirements are the same in each of the three delivery formats. You may choose 7 of the following 8 core courses: 

  • MBA 502 Managerial Accounting
  • MBA 529 Corporate Financial Management
  • MBA 548 IT Management and Innovation
  • MBA 554 International Business
  • MBA 556 Organizational Leadership
  • MBA 565 Contemporary Decision Making
  • MBA 570 Marketing Management
  • MBA 577 Supply Chain Management

This is a capstone course. You must have completed four core courses (12 credits). It is highly recommended that you have taken MBA 502 and MBA 529. 

  • MBA 593 Strategic Management

Management Information Systems Concentration

In this 36-credit option, students take the eight MBA core courses and then take the following four management information systems specific courses.

  • ISS 515 Information Systems Project Management
  • ISS 550 Database Design
  • ISS 570 Information Analysis
  • MBA 547 Management Information Systems & Applications

This concentration is delivered in hybrid format in Harrisburg and Shippensburg. It is not available online.

Admission Requirements

Undergraduate course work and degree, relevant work experience, and goals statement will be evaluated and form the basis for admission. To be eligible for admission to the MBA Program applicants must:

  • Have a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university.
  • Present a current résumé.
  • Submit a goals statement. This should be 500 words or less indicating your reasons for pursuing an MBA, your future goals, and why you chose Shippensburg's MBA program.
  • Take the GMAT and achieve a score of 450 or higher if applicant has less than five years of mid-level experience, including management experience, or for whom additional evaluation is needed.
  • GMAT may be waived for Beta Gamma Sigma members. Verification is required; send scanned documentation to
  • GMAT Prep information -

Applicants will be evaluated on grade point average, course content, work experience, job level, leadership ability, team skills, suitability of goals, and whether they graduated from an AACSB-accredited college.
Applicants who have completed coursework in accounting, economics, finance, organizational behavior, marketing, and operations management may begin taking MBA core courses immediately. Applicants lacking coursework in one or more of these areas will need to take appropriate prerequisite MBA foundations courses before proceeding to core courses.


Joseph Catanio

Azim Danesh

Viet Dao

Yucong Liu

Brian Wentz

Shippensburg University’s Master of Science in Information Systems program is a joint program between the Computer Science (CS) and Management Information Systems (MIS) departments that allows you to apply information systems and technology concepts to many business and technical situations.