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Information Systems and Analytics (B.S.B.A.) Courses


B.S.B.A. Core Requirements
B.S.B.A. Worksheet/Flow Chart/Suggested Program Plan/Others Forms
Course Descriptions * (See Section 3 S.U. Undergraduate Catalog) 

Required Courses 

  • ITAN 240  Python Programming for Business and Analytics
  • ITAN 340  Business Programming for Analytics
  • ITAN 344  Business Systems Analysis & Design
  • ITAN 355  Data Management and Analytics
  • ITAN 399  Information Security
  • ITAN 425  Analytics and Technology Integration
  • ITAN 446  Applied Project Management


  • ITAN 242  Design and Development of User Information Systems
  • ITAN 300  Information Technology & Business Analytics

By the beginning of the sophomore year, a student majoring in business information systems will be expected to have access to a personal computer which is compatible with the hardware and software used in the management information systems program. Our computer labs, though well-equipped, are utilized by a large percentage of students from each college within the university. Due to this high demand, a personal computer is invaluable to fulfilling course requirements completely and on time.

Career Opportunities
Positions include systems analyst, data analyst, business analyst, security analyst, project manager.

For additional information: S.U. Undergraduate Catalog * (See Section 2, John L. Grove College of Business)
and for Course Descriptions * (See Section 3).

*Please note that the 2021-2023 Undergraduate Catalog still lists Management Information Systems (MIS).  This program has been replaced as of Fall 2022 with the new program - Information Systems and Analytics (ISA).

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