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Information Systems & Analytics Minor

Information Systems and Analytics (ISA) minor is designed for  ALL NON-BUSINESS MAJORS (Business majors could consider double-major option).

ISA minor adds value to all majors. The knowledge and skilled gained from ISA minor will enable you to apply Information Systems and Data Analytics tools to solve a wide range of problems in all fields. These kills are knowledge are beneficial to all professions, given how widely technology has permeated all aspects of organizations in the 21st century.

No Prerequisites to Declare Minor

Required Minor Courses (12 credits)

MIS142 – Intro to Business Computer Systems

SCM200 - Statistical Applications in Business

MIS240 - Python Programming for Business and Analytics

MIS300 - IT and Business Analytics

Elective Minor Courses (6 credits or choose 2)

MIS242 - Web-enabled Enterprise Systems

MIS 340 - Business Programming for Analytics

MIS344 - Business Systems Analysis and Design

MIS355 - Data Management and Analytics

MIS399 - Information Security

MIS425 - Analytics and Technology Integration

MIS446 - Applied Project Management