SAP Student Recognition Award Certificate Program

The Grove College of Business is a member of the SAP America University Alliance Program (SAP UAP) and offers a set of courses that allows College of Business students to earn the SAP Recognition Award Certificate.

SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a complex set of business applications that work together using a common set of data. ERP systems enable businesses to integrate their operation across multiple business functions and multiple business partners. All large companies rely on ERP systems for their operation, and ERP systems have been increasingly popular among mid-sized companies. SAP is the largest vendor of ERP systems globally.

Given the importance of ERP systems to businesses, ERP knowledge and experience are very valuable for prospective job seekers.

SAP Student Recognition Award - Spring 2021  

Left to right:
Top - Dr. John Kooti, Dr. David Hwang, Dr. Yucong Liu
Middle - Joshua Brown, Brandon Cornell, Nicholas Tarabrella
Bottom - Nathaniel Lowson, Nicholas Rosso, Cortney Quaca

 SAP Student Recognition Award - Spring 2020

 Emily Fox   Grace Penney 

SAP Student Recognition Award - Spring 2019

SAP Awards

Left to right: Robert Fidler II, Michael Faust, Jacob Raudenbush, Evan Smith, 
Omar Ramirez Estrada, Chase Polley, Alexander Jacoby

SAP Student Recognition Award - Fall 2018

SAP Award John R. Kooti

John R. Kooti receives the SAP Student Recognition Award 

SAP Student Recognition Award - Spring 2018

Ryan Newcomer receives the SAP Student Recognition Award

SAP Student Recognition Award - Spring 2017

Alexander Cooper receives the SAP Student Recognition Award 


Students who have completed the three following classes with a grade of C or better will receive the SAP Student Recognition Award certificate. Each of the classes includes significant ERP content and SAP ERP hands-on experience.

  • MIS242-Design & Development of User Information Systems (Offered in fall only)
  • SCM380-Data Mining for Supply Chain Management
  • SCM410-Distribution Systems in Supply Chains (Offered in spring only)

The classes are open to all majors. Eligible students should contact the instructors who teach the listed classes to apply for the certificate.


Students who have finished the above listed courses and received the certificate will benefit from the following.

  • Gain deeper understanding of how business functions coordinate/integrate and develop a firmer grasp of integrated business processes.
  • Gain deeper understanding of how IT can enable business integration and of strategic thinking with regards to IT investments.
  • Gain hands-on experience with the SAP ERP system as part of your coursework.

ERP knowledge and experience is very valuable for prospective job seekers and the SAP Recognition Award Certificate is a good way to demonstrate your familiarity with the SAP System.


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