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Rowland Hall Labs and Studios

Rowland Hall, the home of our department, has several computer and studio labs for classroom, student media and individual projects. These include a PC Lab, MAC Lab, Audio/Video Edit Lab, Podcast Studio, Photography Studio and Equipment Room.

Labs are updated regularly with the latest software. Open lab hours are posted each semester, and student worker positions are available for CJM majors.


The MAC Lab is equipped with 25 workstations and two photography printers. Students can utilize the Adobe Creative Cloud to work on photography, design, videography, etc.

PC Lab

The PC Lab is equipped with 25 workstations. Snowball microphones are available at each computer, and students can utilize Ross Inception for scriptwriting.

Edit Lab

The Audio/Video Editing Labs are equipped with seven MAC editing stations and one PC station. The lab also houses a voice-over studio where students can record/edit narration in Adobe Audition.

Podcast Studio

The Podcast Studio is equipped with a RODECaster Pro Integrated Podcast Production Studio. Students can record podcasts and narration with our four dynamic podcasting microphones.

Photography Studio

Students in photography classes will use our Photography Studio, which houses backdrops and professional lighting.

Equipment Room

Students across all concentrations can take advantage of our Equipment Room, where they can sign out industry-standard production and field equipment. The department has video cameras, tripods, audio kits, ring lights, Osmo kits, and other photography/videography equipment.