Red Raider Marching Band

Red Raider Marching Band Rehearsals:
T,R,F=3:30-5:30 p.m.

The "Red Raider" Marching Band is a corps-style marching band, which performs diverse styles of music while executing challenging, contemporary marching drill. Our repertoire includes symphonic, jazz, and pop as well as traditional marches. The band performs and supports the team at all Red Raider home football games and at several away games throughout the season. They also perform in exhibition at high school band festivals and competitions throughout Pennsylvania and Maryland as well as feature performances for the Cavalcade of Bands, Tournament of Bands, USSBA, and the annual Collegiate Marching Band Festival in Allentown.

  • Membership is open to wind and percussion musicians, and front members including silks/rifles and majorettes.


 Auditions are required for Drum Line (July), Color Guard (April-June) & Majorettes (April-June); auditions are not required for wind players or pit percussion personnel

  • Returning students register at their designated time in the spring semester
  • Incoming Freshman/Transfers: Register during summer orientation
    •  Students required to audition, will register for marching band at their designated time (spring or summer).
    •  If the student has registered, and is accepted into the marching band, they will not need to do anything further.
    •  If the student has registered, and is NOT accepted into the marching band, it is the student’s responsibility to DROP the course from their schedule by the drop date determined by the registrar’s office.

Mr. Trever R. Famulare
(717) 477-1238