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Disposition Guidelines

Dispositions Definition

Dispositions are defined as values, beliefs and attitudes that are manifested through the behaviors of candidates’ professional performances. The Disposition Assessment System does not assess values, beliefs, or attitudes directly; instead dispositions are only assessed as they are demonstrated in patterns of behaviors or candidate performances. These dispositions are displayed as our candidates work with P-12 students, families, university professors and advisors, fellow candidates, mentor and cooperating teachers, other school personnel, and the community at large.

Disposition Rubric

Shippensburg University Professional Education Unit reaffirms the Conceptual Framework and endorses the belief that teaching and working with learners of all ages, which requires not only specific content knowledge and pedagogical skill, but also positive attitudes about education, the value and abilities of all people, and our responsibilities as professionals. To that end we endorse four key values that support education at both graduate and undergraduate levels. These values include: Integrity, Intellectual Spirit, Social Justice, and Stewardship. It is understood that each program will focus on specific aspects of each value whether the program prepares teachers, counselors, reading specialists, principals or superintendents.

The following rubric includes 9 areas of focus. Four values,(Integrity, Intellectual Spirit, Justice and Stewardship), are included with 2-3 areas identified for each disposition. Descriptors are provided for each area of focus at the levels of Does Not Meet Standards, Meets Standards, and Exceeds Behavior. Candidates need not demonstrate all elements described for a particular level in order to be rated at that level. It is important to note the new rubric was approved March 21, 2015, and was subsequently updated in March of 2023. The disposition data below relates to early disposition concepts.

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