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School of Engineering - Student Internship Experiences

Timi Adeshokan - Electrical Engineering

Trane® is a world leader in air conditioning systems, services, and sustainability solutions. My experience as an energy engineer intern was fantastic! I assisted with preliminary audits, benchmarking, and site surveys that provided innovative solutions that optimized indoor environments and reduced carbon emissions and HVAC-related costs for commercial companies and school districts. I learned a lot about the company and different segments. It was a fulfilling experience that I'd recommend to any engineer.

Alex James - Computer Science
FAST Enterprises

This summer I was given an opportunity to intern for FAST Enterprises after completing a technical interview with recruiters. The company designs software for government services, such as taxes, child support, and driving. The company has job sites all over the world. The job involves traveling to a new location, working with a team of smaller teams that work on different subsystems.  These subsystems are then combined to make one product that they deliver to the client. Through this internship, I learned to apply and refine knowledge that I’ve gained in school.  As an intern they allowed me to work with many different teams giving me a wide range of experiences. The product I worked on will be handed to the client in the fall.

Iain Turner - Software Engineering

My time at Cinteot INC has granted me a great opportunity to work with a team that is outside of the usual parameters for projects in school. I feel that they have helped me learn a great many things about working with a group. I was afforded the opportunity to act as our lead developer on our project. The project was a live service that would be constantly updated.  For the project I got to build a test system from scratch, as well as restructuring the project based on the needs of the client. I have continued working with Cinteot, with them helping me obtain a security clearance and security+ certification.

Rachel Verheof - Computer Science
Hytrol Conveyor Company

Hytrol Conveyor Company is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of material handling systems for a variety of industries.  Rachel got to attend a number of professional development meetings to prepare for the interview process when looking for a job, such as resume building. She got to work implementing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into the company’s process of auditing Bill of Material (BoM) by anomaly detection.  She got to learn how to code in R and understand how SQL Server works.

Jacob Yealy - Computer Science

At Cinteot, Jacob worked with the development team to analyze and improve their LSTM model, implemented a backup API for data retrieval, and updated documentation. At the end of the internship he worked on a custom exception framework and a logging system for it.  Additionally, worked to implement a sentiment context while furthering research on ML libraries.

Avery Young – Electrical Engineering
Joseph Machine Company

This summer I was given the opportunity to intern for Joseph Machine Company. I worked with the controls engineering team, helping to improve electrical schematics, and getting hands on experience in wiring and building of machines. During most of my time at Joseph I was tasked with working on a custom machine for a customer. I also got great experience in building the machine. After completion of wiring and building I then got to assist in tuning the servos and creating the safety program for the machine. I have continued to work for Joseph Machine Company and will continue to work for them as a Controls System Engineer.


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