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Welcome to Project S.U.P.E.R!

We are Wood Honors College students from Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania. This semester, we compiled voting data for every Pennsylvania county to help explain election trends in the past 8 years to navigate the 2022 Midterms. Our project can be found here.

The project is called the SUPER Map for

Shippensburg University Pennsylvania Election Research Map.

It’s also called the SUPER Map because it is SUPER.

Our data was found on the Pennsylvania Department of State website in the Voter Registration Statistics Archives. Our central goal has been to provide nonpartisan, factual information that is accessible to the voting public.

We are majors in the fields of Biology, Computer Science, Communication Journalism & Media, Economics, English, Marketing, Political Science, Sociology, and Mechanical, Civil, and Electrical Engineering majors. We are Democrats. We are Republicans. But most of all, we are Voters.

This is an important project:

  • To build voter trust
  • To illustrate changing patterns over time
  • To have comprehensive voting information in one location
  • To highlight the nonpartisan work of our PASSHE Honors students

Group posing around the Wood Honors College sign

 This data is for non-partisan use only, intended for non-commercial use. Provide your name, institutional affiliations, and email address so that we can stay in touch to provide SUPER Map updates.