Course Equivalencies

Thank you for visiting our course equivalency page. Please feel free to the use the table below to view equivalencies that Shippensburg has established for numerous colleges and universities.

Course Equivalency Database Instructions

Please note that the equivalency database is not a complete catalog listing. If an institution's course(s) are not listed, they have not been evaluated and will be evaluated after the student has been admitted into the university.

To search for a course equivalency, you must first type the full or partial institutional name you are looking for and click the search button. Once you’ve selected the institution you are searching for, a full alphabetical list of all current course equivalency information will populate. To narrow down the list, you can type at least a partial course name from the transferring institution (for example, if you are searching for a Math course, but aren’t sure of the full course name and number, you can type “MAT” and all course prefixes starting with MAT will populate).

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Course Equivalency Database Course Code Guide
  • If an exact course equivalent exists, the course number will reflect the Shippensburg equivalent
  • 001: If an exact equivalent course does not exist but the course will transfer as an elective, the course number followed after the departmental prefix will be 001
  • 009 and 010: Any course prefixes followed by an 009 or 010 course number means the course can transfer to meet a general education curriculum requirement
  • GEN 903: No course equivalent exists and the course will not transfer as an elective
  • GEN 906/GEN 911: The course is considered remedial/developmental and will not transfer

Please Note

  • Equivalencies are evaluated on a regular basis and the table provided shows the most up to date course equivalency information
  • Applicants will receive an official course transcript evaluation after they have been admitted into the university