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About The Graduate School

The Graduate School at Shippensburg University was established in 1961 and now encompasses dozens of programs, offering certificate, master’s, post-master’s and doctoral programs.

Shippensburg offers graduate programs in the areas of Business, Counseling, Social Work, Education, Professional Leadership, Humanities, and Sciences.

The Graduate School offers graduate assistantships and financial aid to qualified students, as well as a full range of other services to students from initial entry to graduation.

While most programs are offered on the Shippensburg campus, many also have courses taught at remote sites or utilizing distance education technologies.


Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania offers master's and doctorate programs, as well as post-baccalaureate certificates and post-master's certificates and certifications that encourage intellectual excellence, research and scholarship while emphasizing the development of applicable professional skills. The mission of The Graduate School is to create an atmosphere of intellectual curiosity, academic freedom, diversity, independent scholarship and creative investigation for its students by offering programs that are:

  • Current and flexible
  • Responsive to regional needs
  • Responsive to individual needs and career goals
  • High quality and affordable; Taught by qualified and engaged faculty
  • Applied and professional
  • Appropriately interdisciplinary
  • Designed to enhance critical analytic skills
  • Focused on new concepts and best practices

These programs are designed to provide advanced study that allows students to enter or advance within a profession, but they may also serve as preparation for pursuit of a doctorate or other advanced degree.

Goals and Objectives

Each program in The Graduate School embraces the values of quality, integrity, collaboration, efficiency, innovation, creativity, inclusiveness and a belief in the actualization of individual potential. The programs build on the knowledge and skills gained in baccalaureate programs to prepare students for entry into professional fields, to ensure competence to perform at advanced professional levels and to encourage lifelong learning in an increasingly diverse society. Academic excellence and the development of professional skills are achieved through a strong commitment to the following objectives:

  • Varied and flexible course times and delivery
  • Close faculty/student relationships
  • An interactive learning environment
  • Opportunities for independent and collaborative scholarship
  • Appropriately sized classes
  • Applied practica and internships
  • Degree requirements that ensure academic integrity
  • Opportunities for integration of knowledge and the applications of technology Fostering of high ethical standards
  • Development of problem-solving skills