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Shippensburg University Policy for Picnic and Tailgate Activity

Guidelines for Tailgating and Picnicking

  • Tailgating and picnicking are only approved for: (a) the grass area between Seth Grove Stadium and the practice football fields; (b) the grass area along the access road leading to the stadium; (c) the commuter parking lot (C-6) next to the baseball field; and the Luhrs Performing Arts Center parking lot (FS-13). These areas are designated for tailgating or picnics only when there is a home football game. FS-13 may not be available on days when a performance is scheduled in the LPAC.

  • Tailgating will incorporate food into the activity. Non-alcoholic beverages must be provided at the event for those who do not wish to consume alcohol. It is further assumed that alcohol will be used in responsible and lawful ways.
  • Tailgating and picnicking are permitted to begin two and one-half (2 ½) hours before kickoff and must conclude two (2) hours after endtime.
  • Alcohol consumption is prohibited during the game with the exception of the halftime. People may participate in non-alcoholic picnicking activity during the course of the game, although attendance at the game is encouraged.
  • All state and local laws and University policies are in effect during tailgating and picnicking activities. Those violating any laws or policies are subject to removal from the tailgating/picnicking areas and/or possible criminal and university judicial sanctions.
  • Only those individuals who are 21 years of age or older may possess, consume, transport, or store alcoholic beverages. No person or group shall provide alcoholic beverages to anyone less than 21 years of age.
  • The following items are prohibited: liquor and spirits, beer kegs, party balls, multi-quart containers of beer, etc. Drinking games and all associated drinking paraphernalia are prohibited.
  • All alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages must be in cans, plastic bottles, or containers made of Styrofoam, plastic, or a like substance. Glass beverage containers are prohibited.
  • The University reserves the right to restrict vehicle parking, to designate parking spaces, and to restrict access to designated tailgating locations or picnicking spots.
  • Platforms and stages are not permitted unless approved by the SU Chief of Police at least one calendar week in advance.
  • Soliciting and sales are not permitted by anyone other than approved university affiliates with advance written permission.
  • Participants are expected to keep the campus clean and dispose of trash properly so as not to litter. The use of charcoal grills and any manner of open flames is not permitted with the exception of small gas grills.
  • People are expected to respect the rights of others. Everyone is expected to be courteous and refrain from the use of loud and/or abusive language, raucous behavior, and amplified sound.

Guidelines for RV Camping and Parking

  • No overnight RV camping is allowed on the Shippensburg University campus. However, overnight accommodations may be available the night before a football game at the Shippensburg University Foundation parking lot with prior permission. Interested parties must contact the Director of Finance and Administration at the SU Foundation by calling (717) 477-1377 to make a reservation. 

  • RV parking sites on campus will open three (3) hours before kickoff. Parking spots must be cleaned and the RV moved from the area within two hours following the completion of the football game.
  • Arrangements to park a RV on campus must be made by contacting the Chief of the Shippensburg University Police at (717) 477-1444. Arrangements must be completed at least one calendar week prior to the game. Permission will be based on parking availability. RVs must be no more than 45 feet in length to park on campus. 
  • The RV must be confined to one designated space in the campus tailgating and picnicking area.  Amenities such as awnings, grills, and furniture must be utilized within the allotted space.
  • No utility hookups will be available, either on campus or at the Shippensburg University Foundation.
  • All the aforementioned guidelines related to tailgating and picnicking apply to those parking RV’s on campus.
  • In case of inclement weather, all RVs must use the Shippensburg University Foundation parking lot and will not be permitted on the grassy parking area on game day. Final decisions will be made the morning of each home football game by the Director of Athletics.
  • The Shippensburg University Police reserve the right to revoke RV camping and/or parking privileges to anyone at any time for demonstrating unlawful or inappropriate behavior. This applies to both the parking lot at the Shippensburg University Foundation and on the Shippensburg University campus.