Learning Specialists

How We Can Help

Learning Specialists are professional staff members who assist students in developing better study strategies in order to help students fulfill their academic goals and potential. Our Learning Specialists are available to the entire campus community and offer the following services:

  • Providing strategies to help students improve their study methods
  • Guiding students on academic probation
  • Helping to improve test taking skills, including managing test anxiety
  • Assisting students to develop methods of managing their time and class assignments
  • Serving as a mentor to students who require ongoing academic support
  • Providing learning support for individuals with disabilities
  • Conducting a study behavior assessment, which helps evaluate a student?s strengths and challenges with regards to academics

Learning Specialists

Learning Center professional staff help students develop better study strategies.

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Zack Grabosky

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Jaime Juarez


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Cindy Murray

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Deb Schooley