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1)   Please be respectful of others while using the lab.

 2)   Food is not permitted in the lab.

 3)   Lab use is limited to Shippensburg University students, faculty, staff or guests with a valid user ID and password.

 4)   Do not prop or leave the lab door open.

 5)   Please keep conversations and cell phone usage to a minimum.

 6)   Do not attempt to install software or use the equipment to access inappropriate or illegal content.

7)   Please consult the desk assistant on duty if you need assistance.

The lab is under video surveillance.

Lab is available for access 24/7.

Need help?   Call the student help desk at (717)477-4357

Tips & Info

    • Visit any of the other public labs on campus! Located in MCT 054, MCT 158, Grove 106/108, Shippen 240, and the Ezra Lehman Library!

    • Conserve resources by using the double-sided (duplex) printing option.


    • Color printing is available in Media Services (Grove Hall 008) and in the basement of the Ezra Lehman Library.


    • Safely store your files in the “My Documents” folder.


    • To protect your account, lab PCs automatically log you off after 10 minutes of inactivity

      How to PRINT

      1)   Open your document or file from the computer and choose the ‘Print’ command from that program.

      2)   Choose either ‘Single Sided’ or ‘Double-Sided’ print option. Make any additional adjustments and click ‘Print”.

      3)   Swipe your Ship ID card at the release station beside the printer, as shown on the screen.

      4)   Click on the job(s) you wish to release, then click ‘Print’.

      *Reminder: These printers do not print in color.

      Student Print Quota:

      500 pages per semester ($20.00 total)

      Per Page Deduction (Black and White):

      $0.04 per sheet

      Troubleshooting Tips & Info

        • Make sure you swipe your ID card correctly, as shown on the screen of the release station.
        • If your document does not appear on the screen, verify that:
          •  You are using your own student ID
          •  You are logged in to your computer with your own user name
          •  You swiped your card correctly
          •  You sent the correct document
          •  Send the document to the printer again if necessary
        • If the printer says “Processing” but it does not print your document, try pressing the green “Go” button
        • Color printing is available in Media Services (Grove Hall 008) and in the basement of the Ezra Lehman Library.