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Damage Billing Policy


Damage and billing costs are assessed by Resident Assistants and Residence Directors during the semester closing process. Damage billing may occur throughout the academic year as students check out of the residence halls during withdrawals, room changes, or suspensions.

At the end of each academic year, Housing and Residence Life assess the condition of the residential facilities. The cost of repairs, replacements, cleaning, and/or painting in both common areas and in individual rooms are billed to students through a formal letter from Housing and Residence Life. Students are given a time period to pay their bills or to appeal.


Residents are made aware of this policy before check-in as it is included in the Housing Agreement. When residents check into their residence hall, they sign a Room Condition Report.  The report shows the current condition that the student accept the room in.  Students have a 48 hour period to discuss any changes that need to be made to the room condition report to move forward with.  At the end of the academic year, the residence hall staff uses the same room condition report to compare the ending conditions of the room compared to the beginning conditions.  

Common Area Damages:

A common area is defined as any space and/or area outside a student room. This includes, but is not limited to stairwells, hallways, restrooms, lounges, elevators, entrance ways, recreation areas and study rooms. Community members share responsibility for ensuring that common areas are properly utilized. Damage/billing charges resulting from the misuse or abuse of common areas will be assessed. If the individuals responsible for the damage are identified, then only those persons are charged. A $10 common damage fee is collected for each resident as a part of their room rent in the traditional and suite residence halls.


If a student feels that they have been incorrectly or unfairly assessed for a damage/billing charge, a written appeal must be submitted via the Damage Billing Appeal web-form on the Housing and Residence Life website. This form will only be available during the appeal periods.  In the appeal, residents are asked to be specific and note which charges they are appealing as well as the reason(s) why they should not be charged. Students will be notified of decisions regarding the appeal status within 15 business days of its receipt.


Harley, Lackhove, Kieffer, McCune, McLean, Mowrey, Naugle, and Seavers residents should write check ‘Shippensburg University’. See Cost Schedule.