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Disc gold goal

Shippensburg University’s 9-hole disc golf course starts near Burd Run Pavilion, runs throughout the Student Recreation Complex, and concludes outside Seavers Hall.

Interested in playing 18 holes?

Continue play with another 9 holes at Papa Jack’s Disc Golf Course, located just off-campus at Shippensburg Township Park. Use the path leading from the R-3 parking lot to the Cumberland Valley Rail Trail.  Turn left on the trail and cross the bridge to enter the park.




  • Disc golf is played with similar rules to traditional golf, with the goal of completing the game in the least number of throws. 
  • Each hole begins at the designated tee and subsequent throws are made from where the disc comes to rest. 
  • Signage posted at each tee indicates hole distance and par. 
  • Hole is finished when disc is supported by chains or basket. 
  • Player farthest from the target throws first. 
  • Lowest score from previous hole tees off first. 
  • A run up and follow through are always allowed, except within 10 meters of the target, which is considered a putt. 
  • On fairway, throw from a spot in line with the target and within 12 inches behind where the disc landed.
  • Allow faster groups to play through. 
  • Pedestrians and other campus users have the right of way.  

Contact the Department of Recreation Rec Hotline (Facility & Program Schedules): 717-477-1561 Phone: 717-477-1755