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Early Alert Program

Shippensburg University is committed to the success of its students by providing an environment conducive to teaching, learning, and student success. Because of this, the university implemented the Early Alert Program to encourage a collective commitment to student success. The Early Alert Management Team, part of the retention and student success division, strives to support students and communicate with faculty and staff in a timely manner. 

Submit an Early Alert.  


To provide timely assistance for Shippensburg University students who may be at risk during the semester.


To coach students who may face barriers that hinder their academic or social success, while working strategically and collaboratively with campus constituencies to positively impact student success.  


  • Improve communication between students and faculty
  • Improve communication between students and academic advisors
  • Improve student awareness and use of campus resources
  • Improve student attendance

What is the Early Alert Program? 

Managed by the Student Success Coordinator, the Early Alert Program is a Coordinated Care Network composed of the Early Alert Management Team and key student support areas on campus that collaborate to support student success. 

Should An Early Alert Be Submitted? 

While there are many reasons to issue an Early Alert, in some instances, an Early Alert may not be the best referral for a student 

Ship Cares referral: Struggling with academic, physical, and/or emotional challenges (or a combination) 

Counseling Center referral: Struggling with emotional or mental distress

Learning Center referral: Struggling with a specific course or single assignment in a course

The Early Alert system is NOT monitored 24/7. In the event of a life-threatening emergency, please contact 911 and/or SU Campus Police for immediate assistance. If you are aware that a student may have experienced discrimination, harassment, or sexual misconduct on campus please consider contacting the Title IX Office.  

Faculty members who may want to gain additional strategies to engage students during class time should contact the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL).  

Faculty and staff may submit an Early Alert for the following reasons: 

Excessive Consecutive Absences (three or more) 

Poor Academic Performance

Non-Academic Concern  

Early Alert Resources 

For more information on the Early Alert System, including access to tutorials, visit the SSC Navigate Support Page. You may also view Shippensburg University's process here. To schedule an appointment to be trained on using the Early Alert System, faculty and staff may reach out to Felicia Shearer, Executive Director for Retention and Student Success.  

Please note: Shippensburg University’s Early Alert system is NOT monitored 24/7, when the University is closed, or on weekends. 

Student Success Coordinator

Alisha Smith

Alisha Smith

717.477.1123  x-3355