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Concerned About a Student?

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At Shippensburg University, we care about the long-term success of our students both inside and outside of the classroom. With this in mind, we created the ShipCARES team to make early contact with students experiencing challenges that impede their success during their time in college.

The ShipCARES team is a collaborative committee that collects information, identifies risks, and intervenes by providing support and resources to a student displaying varying levels of disruptive, disturbed, and /or distressed behaviors before they rise to the level of a crisis. ShipCARES uses a proactive approach that balances the needs of the student of concern, as well as the overall safety of the campus community. All matters are handled discreetly and confidentially.

How Do I Make a ShipCARES Referral?

  • Fill out a ShipCARES referral form by clicking this link: The ShipCARES referral system
  • Contact the Office of Student Development to speak with Marsha Bonn at 717-477-1164.

What Should I Report to ShipCARES?

In general, any behavior that disrupts the mission or learning environment of the University or causes concern for a student's wellbeing.  Some examples include the following:

  • Concerns about a students wellbeing.
  • Distressed or Disturbed Behavior.
  • Unusual Occurrences.
  • Anything that makes you feel uncomfortable or like "something doesn't seem right."

What Happens After I've Made A Referral?

  • Marsha Bonn along with the Dean of Students and Director of Housing are notified. If necessary, the student of concern's situation is discussed between the three professionals.  The student of concern is then contacted by Marsha or a member of the committee deemed most appropriate.
  • The ShipCARES Committee meets weekly on Thursday mornings to discuss each student of concern's case.  Intervention and resources are discussed.  This ensures that services and resources have been or will be deployed effectively.  Follow-up is discussed among the committee.  The student of concern will remain on the ShipCARES 'list' until the committee determines that all resources have been provided and the student of concern has been addressed.

Who are the members of the ShipCARES Committee?

ShipCARES Referral Form

To refer a student to ShipCARES, please fill out all applicable information on the referral form.

Please note: Submissions to this form are received and reviewed during business hours only and are NOT monitored 24 hours a day. If your reason for making a referral is related to an emergency situation, please exit this form and contact either Shippensburg University Police (717-477-1444) or 911 immediately.

Contact the ShipCARES Team Marsha Bonn, Ship Cares Coordinator, Associate Dean of Students Phone: 717-477-1164