View Your Online Statement

  •  Login to myShip with your Ship email address and password
  •  Go to Student 
  •  Choose Paying for College in the dropdown
  •  Click on Account Information/Pay Now 
  •  Select the Term you want to view
  •  This will take you to Account Detail for Term 
  •  Click on Student Account 
  •  Click on Statement and Payment History 
  •  Click on View Statement 
  •  Please note that the view of your statement and authorized aid is as of the time the statement was posted.

Your online statement is a point-in-time bill and displays your charges, payments, and authorized financial aid deductions at the time the statement was created.  If your schedule changes during the drop/add period, your online statement will NOT automatically change.  To view your most up-to-date real-time charges use Account Detail for Term.