Support Services for Student-Athletes

The Office of Academic Support for Student-Athletes at Shippensburg University provides a wide variety of academic and personal support services to aid and enhance the learning and development of all student-athletes at Ship. Student-athletes can receive academic advising support, academic progress monitoring, academic orientation, academic counseling/referral, programming to enhance personal development, and career-related resources.

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The mission of the Office of Academic Support Services for Student-Athletes, under the auspices of the School of Academic Programs and Services, is to assist in the development of educated, responsible, self-reliant men and women as they pursue collegiate athletics and a baccalaureate degree, while preparing to meet the challenges of a continuously changing world.

We are committed to cooperation and communication with those invested in the overall success of student participation in the University's intercollegiate athletics program. The fulfillment of the mission and values of our work is contingent on the strong and supportive relationships among the Department of Athletics and the faculty, administration, and staff of Shippensburg University.


  • To conduct affairs of the office in a manner consistent with the highest ethical standards.
  • To provide a congenial support program that fosters academic success and develops leadership in a diverse group of student-athletes.
  • To emphasize the priority of student-athlete academic responsibilities.
  • To provide support and encourage participation in the office's and University's special and enriched programming in order to maximize the collegiate experience of the student-athlete.
  • To celebrate the academic achievements of Shippensburg University student-athletes.