NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative

Dr. Richard Zumkhawala-Cook

Shippensburg University's NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR) works with the President, Provost, V.P. of Student Affairs, University Faculty, Athletics Staff and you to insure the academic integrity of our athletics program. This page provides you with important information about resources that you may find valuable including a summary of some of your obligations relating to scheduling, attendance, missed classes and the development of relationships with your professors.

Guiding Principles

Along with hundreds of my colleagues at other universities across the NCAA, I am a member of the Faculty Athletics Representative Association. We believe in the following guiding principles:

  • Intercollegiate athletics is an integral part of the mission of the academic institution. We acknowledge the benefits of intercollegiate athletics, and we believe that intercollegiate athletics can bring many positive attributes to the collegiate community.
  • The well-being of the student-athlete is an essential concern of the university. We take seriously the faculty athletics representative’s responsibility to ensure that student-athletes are supported properly and treated fairly.
  • Institutional academic integrity is essential. It is the faculty athletics representative's role to ensure that the academic institution establishes and maintains the appropriate balance between academics and intercollegiate athletics.
  • Conference academic integrity is essential. It is the faculty athletics representative's role to advocate the appropriate emphasis on academics in the conference.
  • Academic integrity must be a priority within the NCAA. It is FARA’s role to advocate the appropriate emphasis on academics in NCAA discussions, NCAA committee decisions and NCAA member legislation.

Resources For You

While I am always rooting hard for your success in your competitions, my main concern is your academic and personal well-being. I am always willing and available to consult with you confidentially about your academic progress, your athletics experiences, or issues you do not feel comfortable discussing with your coaches or athletics staff. Please feel free to contact me, and I will always make time for you.

Another important source of information, advice, and services that is available to you is the Kathryn Hughes Seaber Raiders Academic Center for Student-Athletes. Contact the Director, Trejon Dinkins, at x1699 for more information. In addition, The Director (Jeff Michaels), Associate Director/SWA (Carrie Michaels), and Assistant Director (Ashley Grimm) of Athletics are all available to consult with you. A link to our full staff directory with their contact information is at left. Finally, should you find yourself in need of such services, the Shippensburg University Counseling Center (x1481) is available to you.

Your Responsibilities

As a student-athlete at Shippensburg University, you have important responsibilities relating to class attendance. There are obligations you have to be in class and to maintain a continuous dialog with your professors about any absences that may occur as a result of NCAA competitions. Your ability to make up work under the Shippensburg University missed class policy is dependent upon you following these guidelines. If you have any questions at all, please contact me.