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Campus Weather

The Department of Geography and Earth Science presents current weather conditions on campus, weather data, and a weather watch cam.

Inclement Weather Information

Shippensburg University remains open, classes are held and services are provided during inclement weather. Only when it is impossible to reasonably accommodate students and others due to weather conditions on campus will consideration be given to changing the university's operation. Only the university president (or a designee) may authorize schedule changes.

It is the obligation of Shippensburg University to offer the full range of instructional, student life, and general support services to the campus community and visitors as scheduled without interruption. Accordingly, the University intends to remain open, hold classes, and provide services during periods of winter weather. However, when it becomes impossible to reasonably accommodate students and others on the campus, due to conditions which exist on the campus, or affect travel to or from the campus, consideration will be given to adjusting class schedules and/or employee work shifts or authorizing a partial or full day closing. Only the President of the University, or their designee, may authorize these adjustments in emergencies.

Announcements are made only if the university's regular operation is disrupted. Announcements will not be made saying the university is open.

Changes affecting day classes and work shifts will be announced by 5:30 a.m. or as close to that time as possible based on circumstances. Changes affecting classes and work shifts during the regular day will be made as soon as conditions warrant. Changes affecting evening classes and work shifts will be announced by 4 p.m. or earlier if conditions warrant. The complete weather policy is available online.

All members of the campus community are reminded that it is their personal decision as to whether they can safely make it to campus during inclement weather. Each person must make that decision based on his or her individual circumstances.


  • Changes in status will be posted to


  • Detailed status changes will be emailed to the campus community. All faculty, staff and students should routinely monitor their email.


  • (717) 477-1200 from off-campus
  • Ext. 1200 from on-campus

Hotline operates 24 hours a day. Do not call University Police.

Social Media

Media Announcements

Announcements will also be given to the following stations:

  • WHP-TV and WHP-AM radio and related stations
  • WHP-TV

Weather Resources

Contact the Information Phone: 717-477-1200 x1200