Random Student ImagesACT 48/ACT 45 PIL CREDIT

Effective July 1, 2000, all Pennsylvania educators holding Pennsylvania public school certification are required to participate in ongoing professional education activities in order to maintain their certification. For specific deadlines and requirements, please visit Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website at www.pde.state.pa.us.

At your request Shippensburg University will report any and all credits and grades earned, for courses indicated, to the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) for you. You may request ACT48/ACT45 PIL credits by completing the request form and sending it to us at regdataoffice@ship.edu.All information will be submitted to PDE after the end of each semester; in January after the fall semester; in June after the spring semester, and in September after the summer terms.

The following Shippensburg University courses meet the ACT 48/ACT 45 PIL (PA Inspired Leadership) requirements, effective January 1, 2008, and are required for all active school and system leaders (employed in the following positions: Principal, Assistant or Vice Principal, superintendent, Assistant superintendent, Intermediate Unit Executive Director, Intermediate Unit Assistant Executive Director or Director of an Area vocational-Technical School) and will be reported as such:

ELP 612
Educational Leadership, Policy and Governance (3 cr)
ELP 619
Leadership for Pupil Services (3 cr)
ELP 621
Practicum I Strategic Leadership in District Governance (3 cr)
ELP 627
Practicum II Strategic Leadership in District Governance (3 cr)
ELP(P) 724R/824R
Ethical/Legal Decision Making at District Level (4 cr)
ELP(P) 725R/825R
Facilities/Plant Management Dec/School Effective (4 cr)
ELP(P) 726R/826R
Opt. Financial Resources to Support District Lev Ach (4 cr)
ELP(P) 721R/821R
Strategic Leadership in District Gov. & Com Rel (4 cr)
ELP(P) 723R/823R
Neg/Personnel Strategic Decision Making (4 cr)
ELP(P) 727R/827R
Instructional Tech Leadership at Exec Level (4 cr)
ELP(P) 832
Introduction to Executive Leadership (3 cr)
ELP(P) 822
Communication Theory for School District Administrators (3 cr)
ELP(P) 828
Emergent Technologies and Instructional Practices (3 cr)
ELP(P) 829
Political/Social Context for Educational Leadership (3 cr)
ELP(P) 820
Action/Applied Research in an Organizational Env (3 cr)
ELP(P) 831
Educational Statistics (3 cr)
ELP(P) 830
Qualitative/Quantitative Research (3 cr)
ELP(P) 890
Research in Educational Leadership Part I (1 cr)
ELP(P) 891
Research in Educational Leadership Part II (1 cr)
ELP(P) 897
Dissertation Seminar (3 cr)
ELP(P) 898
Dissertation I Educational Leadership I (3 cr)
ELP(P) 899
Dissertation I Educational Leadership II (3 cr)

For specific deadlines and requirements, please visit Pennsylvania Department of Education’s website at www.pde.state.pa.us.

If you have any questions about the reporting of this information, please contact the Registrar’s Office of Shippensburg University at (717) 477-1136 or regdataoffice@ship.edu.