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Shippensburg University is implementing a new Student Information System (OneSIS) starting with the fall 2024 semester.   During this transition, you will register for summer classes in our current system and fall classes in the new system (the user interface is the same). To support this transition, you will notice changes to myShip pages with separate links for Spring/Summer 2024 and Fall 2024 semesters.  Spring/Summer 2024 links are on the left side of the screen, and Fall 2024 links are on the right side of the screen. If you are registering using a mobile device, the screen layout will not split left to right, instead it will stack the two separate set of links for typical scrolling navigation. When registering for courses, it is imperative you select the links for the appropriate term for which you wish to register.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT FALL REGISTRATION: If you are taking a course during the summer semester that would serve as a pre-requisite for a course that you are trying to register for in the fall semester, you will need to request an override from the department in which the course resides. This is a result again of the two separate systems being used for registration between the summer and fall semesters.

IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SUBJECT CODES: With the transition to OneSIS our subject codes have changed.  Refer to Subject Code Crosswalk for the new codes. 

Undergraduate Registration

Matriculated undergraduate student time ticket windows for Fall 2024 registration begins on March 25 and will end on April 11. Additional opportunities to register are during the schedule clean-up period beginning April 22 through May 3.

Undergraduate non-degree students may begin registering for Fall 2024 on July 8.

Click here for registration instructions and more information regarding undergraduate  registration information. 

Graduate Registration

Graduate students may schedule classes for the Fall 2024 semester beginning March 18 and ending on the last day to drop/add classes for each Fall part of term.

Click here for registration instructions and more information regarding graduate registration.

Summer Registration

Registration for Summer 2024 terms for Graduate students begins on March 18, for matriculated undergraduate students begins on March 25, for undergraduate non-degree students begins on April 22. Summer registration closes on the last day to drop/add classes for each summer part of term. Find Summer term dates and deadlines here

If you have questions about scheduling, call (717) 477-1381, or e-mail

Contact the Office of the Registrar Old Main 110 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1381 Fax: 717-477-4017