About MSA


In 1989, Dr. Anthony Ceddia (University President) created the Office of Minority Student Affairs (MSA) in response to the growing need to address cultural and social needs of African American students. In 1990, the African American students invited the Latino students to become a charted MSA organization. Since 1990 several other cultural student organizations have become a part of the MSA family. In 1994, the office's name was changed to what it is known as today - The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs.

The MSA strives to expose students to individuals and experiences that will help them to grow, develop self-confidence, and gain assertiveness. The MSA always challenges students to learn about themselves and their cultures, and how they impact their everyday lives.

The Office of Multicultural Student Affairs provides students with the opportunity to ask the question "Why?" - especially about paramount issues such as sexism, racism, sexuality, religious preference, etc.

Programs Offered by the MSA Office

MSA Scholars Recognition Program
S.E.T(Seeking Excellence Together) - Study Incentive Program
The Learning Tree Book Exchange
Harambee (Lets Pull Together) Book Scholarships
The REAL, (Rigorous Expectations of All Leaders)Institute
PEERS, (Promoting Excellence through Establishing Relationships for Success) Institute
Cultural Immersion Experiences
Building Bridges Classroom Initiative
In Living Color Players Diversity Performance Group
MTO (MSA to Order), workshop development and training component;
Student Round Tables
Erase the Hate Rally
Annual Day of Silence
Free To Be ME
Latino Explosion
Hip/Hop Campus Invasion
Pride fest
Diversity Festival
GLBT Bend your Gender Drag Show
Martin Luther King March for Humanity
Soulful Saturday Black History Celebration
Women’s History Month Big Hat Brunch and Hair Show
African Fair
Asian New Year Extravaganza
Global Fusion Festival
African American Youth Summit
 Latino Youth Summit
BROTHERS Youth Summit:  It Was All a Dream
Parent Partnership Program
Disciple It Gospel Outreach Program
Harrisburg Gear-Up Program