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Software access for students

For many students, access to program or course-specific software is critical for student success. Thus, the following resources are available for students who need access to software remotely.

Software available on your device

Many software vendors are now allowing open access to software that would typically only be available on campus workstations. Please see the list of available software packages below, along with link and instructions on how to obtain and install.

Mathematica software is used by many courses in Math, Computer Science and Physics.

MATLAB (including all available toolboxes) is available to faculty, staff, and students for installation on personal computers.

Office is provided to all Ship Students for free via the Office 365 program. Available for PC, Mac, iPad and other mobile devices!

Minitab is available for student use on a personal device. Follow the instructions below to download and install Minitab.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Ship e-mail address and click Next.  You will be redirected to Ship's single sign-on page where you can enter your username and password.
  3. If prompted with a "Lets Get Started" screen and asked for your e-mail address again, enter it and click on Next.
  4. Click on Minitab Statistical Software under "My Products".
  5. From the screen that appears, you can choose to either open the Minitab Web App, or download and install the Desktop App.


Windows Installation Instructions

  1. Download the Minitab installer by following the instructions above.
  2. Begin the installation by double-clicking on the Minitab downloaded file.
  3. At the Welcome screen, choose a language and click Next.
  4. If you see a Prerequisites screen appear, click on Next and following all installation prompts.
  5. Review the license agreement, checkmark the "I accept..." box and click on Next.
  6. When prompted, select Activate with a license and click Next.
  7. From the “Select a licensing method” window, select Sign In and click Next.
  8. Click Next at the Destination folder screen.
  9. Click Install and complete the installation.
  10. After Minitab is installed, launch the program from the desktop shortcut that was created.
  11. At the "Sign In" screen, enter your Ship e-mail address and follow the prompts to log in with your Ship account.  Minitab will now be activated and ready to use.


** Note that the download version of Minitab is only available for Windows.  If you are using a Mac, you must use the Minitab Web App.


The NVivo qualitative data analysis software is available for faculty, staff and students to install on personal PCs and Macs.

IBM has made SPSS Statistics available for students on personal devices through the end of the spring semester.  Please follow the instructions below to download and install SPSS.

  1. Download the appropriate version of SPSS Statistics 27 from the links below. When prompted for a username and password, type your Ship e-mail address and password.

    SPSS Statistics for Windows (x64)
    .exe - 529 MB

    SPSS Statistics for Mac
    .zip - 590 MB

  2. After the download completes, double-click the file to run the setup program. Continue through setup as appropriate.
  3. After setup is complete, the Authorization Wizard will run. Choose the option to use Concurrent user license and click Next.


  4. Enter as the License Manager name. Click Next.

  5. Click Finish at the Licensing Completed page.

  6. You can launch SPSS by clicking on the IBM SPSS Statistics 27 shortcut in the Start Menu (Windows) or Applications folder (Mac).

Contact the Technology Help Desk

WALK-IN LOCATIONS Student Help Desk: Lehman Library Faculty/Staff Help Desk: MCT 071 Phone: 717-477-4357 Fax: (717) 477-1427