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New Tech Fee Projects Funded 2016 Video Collection Subscription                                                           

This subscription provides students with on-demand access to a collection of streaming videos (both contemporary and historical), aimed at providing a superb library of professional media for counseling, related mental health, and social work students.  It includes 250+ videos of counseling sessions in a wide range of therapeutic settings and interviews with leading scholars concerning their therapeutic approaches.  Available through the library website from on and off-campus, Shippensburg students can login from anywhere to access the complete streaming video collection.

Copper Plating Thickness Gauge: MCT163                                     

The addition of this copper thickness gauge will enable students in the CE & EE programs to accurately measure the amount of copper that is actually deposited during fabrication in the manufacturing  of custom Printed Circuit Boards (PCB). 

Cardiovit AT10-plus EKG: HG105                                                            .

This EKG is for use in numerous lab instructions for Cardiac Rehabilitation and Special Population classes in the Exercise Science department.  Students will gain hands on experience, learning the basics of Electrocardiogram (EKG), which records the electrical activity of the heart, how to apply and connect the 10 different electrodes, recording data and interpreting it accurately.

Smart Cart/Instructor Station for Computer Lab: FSC122

Smart technology installed in the classroom for visual and audio presentation enhancement for classroom use by students in the Psychology department. Includes the ability to tie DVD, Internet, and Computer audio/visual aids together into one management console for presentation of course materials. System includes the presentation unit, a computer, data projector, doc cam, DVD/VCR and supporting switching equipment.

Basic Physics Lab Interface Upgrade to PASCO 850 Interface: FSC208, 218

The upgrade of 1 existing PASCO 750 interface to a PASCO 850 interface for use in the basic physics laboratories used by all students taking a laboratory-based physics course..

Partial Funding for the Bloomberg Terminal Subscription: GRH205

The leasing of one Bloomberg Terminal to be located in the Brad E. Hollinger Stock Trading Room.  This system enables students to access the Bloomberg Professional service in order to monitor and analyze real-time financial market data and place trades on the electronic trading platform.

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