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New Tech Fee Projects Funded 2015


Additional Funding for CatDV server to replace FinalCut Server: MCT/GRH                                                           

Students will be able to use state of the art digital video editing software that will allow them access to their stored projects from anywhere on or off campus.  It will allow for student collaboration on projects.  Students will be able to work in the same professional environment in which they will enter upon graduation.

Sympodium Monitors: MCT251, 258, 262, 263, 265, DHC110                                     

The addition of touch screen technology to the smart carts in 6 classrooms in the Mathematics department.  These screens bring the addition of on-screen writing/notation to instructional capabilities, allowing for faculty to display hand-written equations and graphs as well as save annotations written during lecture discussions to then upload these in-class lecture notes to the learning management system, for students use. 

Digital Gel Documentation System: FSC308                                                            .

This digital documentation system allows students to document and qualitatively analyze gel electrophoresis experiments, through illumination and photography utilizing specialized filters attached to the camera lens.   

Hydrologic Data Loggers - Replacement of Existing Older Equipment: SRH

The replacement of 6 aging and outdated hydrologic data loggers to allow students to continue assessing a variety of hydrologic systems, measuring parameters such as stream flow, temperature and dissolved solids over time on a nearly continuous basis.

Television Studio Control Room Monitors and Video Processing Hardware: GRH

The replacement of obsolete monitors and video processing hardware in the Grove Television Studio to equipment that can display or translate digital or HR signals.  This studio environment prepares students to execute professional real-time productions including newscasts, talk shows and entertainment programs.

Electrical Engineering Lab - Addition of RF Lab Equipment: MCT163

The addition of RF lab equipment such as a USB Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator, SDR-Networked Devices, Reference boards, antennae, tools, and a Faraday Cage, to the Computer and Electrical Engineering fabrication lab.  This equipment will allow students to generate and test high-speed radio-frequency signals.

Online Writing Tutoring for LAC: ELL

Equipment and software to enable the writing studio in the learning center to provide writing consultation services to students taking off-campus, online, summer and winter courses, as well as non-traditional students and graduate students who are unable to travel to campus when the Learning Center is open.

40 Fit Bit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Trackers: HG105                                                                

Fit Bit One Wireless Activity and Sleep Trackers to allow students to accurately capture all-day activity and energy expenditure data, to analyze through lab activity.


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