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Writing Tutoring

Writing tutoring for Summer Term begins on May 16

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About Us

Undergraduate writing tutoring is available through the Learning Center on the first floor of Mowrey Hall, The Student Success Center. We offer one-on-one support with trained peer tutors. 

Any undergraduate student, in any course on campus is welcome to schedule an appointment with a writing tutor, free of charge. While our tutors do not have experience with every writing assignment in every course, they can provide individualized guidance and feedback based on their own writing experiences and tutor training. 

Writing tutoring in the Learning Center is conversational and collaborative. You do not need a draft of your writing to schedule an appointment, but please bring any course materials that will help your tutor assist you. Course materials may include syllabi, assignment prompts, rubrics, and readings. 

Please note that this service is designed for undergraduate students. Graduate students should visit the Graduate Writing page for graduate-level writing support.


Our mission is to support undergraduate students across disciplines in their growth as writers. This means that any undergraduate student who is writing for any course is welcome to work with our writing tutors. Appointments with tutors are driven by the writer’s assignment and goals. Our writing tutors can help you: 

  • carefully read your assignment prompt and instructions
  • break an assignment into manageable steps or tasks
  • anayze the writing situation (or rhetorical situation)
  • focus and organize ideas
  • use evidence to support ideas
  • integrate sources and format them
  • revise your work and make adjustments.

While some students attend tutoring as a one-time event, we highly encourage students to schedule multiple appointments with a trusted tutor over a period of time to foster your writerly growth and development. 

How to Schedule

Undergraduate students can access instructions here.

Graduate students should visit the Graduate Writing webpage

In an effort to serve all students, we ask that you please do not schedule back-to-back appointments for the same service. We encourage distributed learning, which requires study sessions of relatively short duration (1-hour or less) over a period of time. It is important that writers make progress on their writing in between each appointment.


Appointments are currently taking place in person; however, students have the option to join tutoring appointments via Zoom if unable to attend in person. To use Zoom, you will need internet access and a computer equipped with a camera and microphone. For instructions on how to use Zoom, please click here

If you do not have the proper equipment for Zoom, please visit the technology resources page. Please be sure to have the appropriate equipment by the time of your appointment. 


Undergraduate students, please contact Crystal Conzo at or call (717) 477-1430.

Graduate students, please contact or visit the Graduate Writing page.


Contact the Learning Center

Student Success Center, Mowrey Hall, 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1420
Open Monday–Thursday 10am–9pm, Friday 10am-4pm, and Sunday 5pm–9pm