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Dr. Allison Predecki

Chair of the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry

Office: FSC 337

Phone: (717) 477-1441

Research Interests

My research centers around two areas, bioorganic chemistry and synthetic methodology. Bioorganic chemistry links the two disciplines of organic chemistry and biology. Whereas synthetic methodology focuses on the development of new methods for the synthesis of organic molecules.

Technical Summary

My first project involves the identification of organic molecules that are capable of inducing damage to DNA when exposed to ultraviolet light. My research group synthesizes different aryl sulfoxides, tests their ability to cleave DNA and determines their binding affinity towards DNA.


Cycloaddition reactions are commonly used to construct rings in organic synthesis. For example, alkenes can combine with 1,3-dipoles to form five-membered rings. Students in my research group also work on a project where they study the feasibility of a new cycloaddition reaction using carbenes and 1,3-dipoles to form four-membered rings.



*Indicates Shippensburg University Undergraduate Student Researcher

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Current Group Members

  • Mercedes Naugle, Senior
  • Alexis Hoffman, Senior
  • Megan Doleschal, Sophomore

Previous Group Members

  • Heather Rensch: M.S. candidate at Bucknell University
  • Chase Crawley: M.S. Washington State University, Chemist at Albany Molecular Research
  • Alicia Briegel: M.S. Villanova University, Chemist at DuPont
  • Alison Coleman
  • Sarah Nenninger: Chemist at Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • Amanda Crowder: High School Chemistry Teacher, Franklin County, PA
  • Ivy Otieno
  • Cristina Sacco: M.S. East Carolina University, Instructor at Wake Technical Community College
  • Patricia Force: Chemist at Johnson & Johnson
  • Joshua Kahl: Chemist at Lancaster Labs (Eurofin)
  • Christopher Divito: Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh, Postdoctoral Fellow University of Pittsburgh
  • Daniel Mayo: Ph.D. Miami University of Ohio, Postdoctoral Fellow at Cal Tech
  • David Turner: Chemist at BioFire Diagnostic

Personal Statement

I enjoy spending time with my family, practicing yoga and gardening.

Contact the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry 327 Franklin Science Center 1871 Old Main Drive Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1629 Fax: (717) 477-4048