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Writing & Library Resources

Students in Geography and Earth Science classes are provided with the following resources to help them be successful in the classroom.  The following are resources that students will make use of to facilitate their learning and outcomes.  Some of the resources are for specific courses and others are for use across all classes and student work. 

Writing Resources

Excellent communication skills are important in all disciplines and are especially important to employers of our students and graduates.  Strong writers are in demand in the geoscience workforce, but writing takes time and a plan to develop the skills necessary to be competitive after graduation.  In order to help students, we have compiled a series of guidelines to help you develop knowledge of the professional standards of writing for geoscience disciplines and you are asked to use them in the courses you take here in our department.  We ask that you download and USE the Geography and Earth Science Department Writing Style Guide for all of the courses you take in the major.  This guide will show students the correct formatting for various sections and subheadings (e.g. abstract, table of contents, introduction, etc.) as well as provide insight into the type of content that should be found in each part of your paper.

APA Formatting Guides from the SU Library

Geography - Earth Science Best Writing Practices

  • This document has a few best practices (PDF) for writing for each element (e.g. abstract, discussion, tables/figures, etc.) of your papers. These tips can be used to help guide your work, but make sure to consult specific instructions for your assignment and with your professor.

Library Resources

Along with writing skills, students must also be able to access reliable primary literature.  There are a number of resources available through the Shippensburg University library.   These include indexes and databases that are industry standards and are provided to support your studies.  It also includes the librarians who are available to help support your research goals.  Reach out to them directly, early, and often so you find success with all your information research needs.  Visit or stop by the help desk in the library.  The library also maintains a Geography & Earth Science Guide page to assist you as well.  It is available here:

Important Indexes and Databases

Contact the Geography & Earth Science Department 104 Shearer Hall, 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1685 Fax: (717) 477-4029