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Fulbright U.S. Scholars

Fulbright Non-U.S. Scholars 

Jefferson Science Fellowship  

American Scandinavian Foundation

Faculty Development

International Faculty Development Seminars  

Short term study abroad best practices  

Ship International Grant Recipients

Shippensburg Fulbright Scholar Recipients

Adams, Paul; History; Philippines; 1999-2000  

Lonce, Bailey; Fulbright Specialist Award, Political Science; Romania; 2014-2015

Burg, Steven; History; Sweden; 2013-2014

Burnett, Mary; International Programs; Germany; 2018; Fulbright U.S. International Education Administrators Award

Clay, Catherine B.; History; Ukraine; 1998-1999   

Cresswell, Alan; Physics and Astronomy; Tunisia; 1998-1999

Finucane, Brendan; Economics; Kenya; 1987-1988

Hawkins, Timothy; Geography and Earth Science; Barbados; 2020-2021

Hargrove, Matthew (Blake); Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship; Spain; 2019-2020

Kurt, Kraus; Counseling and College Student Personnel; Bhutan; 2014-2015 

Lorenz, Karl G.; Archaeology; Egypt; 2009-2010  

Loveland, Christine Ann; Anthropology; Norway; 2000-2001

Lucia, Margaret; Music; Spain; 2016-2017

Melara, Luis; Mathematics; India; 2015-2016  

Ragone, Agnes; Linguistics; Benin; 2018-2019 (Declined)

Rim, Hong K.; Business Administration; Malaysia; 2001-2002 

Shupp, Mathew; Counseling, Fulbright Specialist Award, 2021

Spicka, Mark Edward; Seminar Program; Germany;  2007-2008;  Fulbright German Studies Seminar: “Germany in a Changing Europe: Transatlantic Ties, Transatlantic Challenges" 

Verney, Thomas P.; International Human Resource Management; Poland; 2011-2012

Wildermuth, David; Seminar Program; Germany; 2007-2008; Fulbright German Studies Seminar: "Germany in a Changing Europe: Transatlantic Ties, Transatlantic Challenges"

Zumkhawala-Cook, Richard; English; India; 2016-2017

Shippensburg Fulbright non-US Scholar Grant Recipients

Jonathan Skaff, Fulbright Visiting Specialists Program: Direct Access to the Muslim World, Oct. 30-Nov. 17, 2006   

CIEE International Faculty Development Seminars

Sara Grove, Political Science, 2004 Hungary & Czech Republic  

Stephen Holoviak, John L Grove School of Business, 2001 Northern Ireland, 2005 India

Chris Loveland, 2000 Costa Rica, 2004 Hungary & Czech Republic   

Other International Grant Recipients

Janet Smith (faculty) and Jim Spatz (student), La Serena, Chile, May of 2007, Association of American Geographers NSF grant:“US-Chile International Workshop: Expanding Geography Education Networks in the Americas.”    

Mark E. Spicka, History, Germany, Grant from the Gerda Henkel Stiftung fromDüsseldorf, 2007-2008    

Fellowship Proposal Evaluators

 Dr. Mark Spicka (German Studies), Discipline Reviewer for Faculty Fulbright applications, 2010


Contact the International Studies Program Mowrey 246 Shippensburg University Phone: 717-477-1907