Department of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

The Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship Department in the Grove College of Business at Shippensburg University offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Entrepreneurship, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Management with concentrations in Management, Human Resource Management, and International Management, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in Marketing.

The Management concentration helps you gain the knowledge and skills necessary for making decisions, understanding behavior, leading people, driving change, and coping with the complexity of the organizational environment.

Employment opportunities and salaries are growing in the field of Human Resource Management. You'll develop knowledge and skills in job analysis, human resource planning, recruiting, interviewing, training and development, and legal issues.

The International Management concentration extends your knowledge of business, management, marketing, finance, and economics to the global arena while familiarizing you with various world cultures, religions, and societies. Proficiency in a foreign language is required.

As a Marketing major, you'll take courses in marketing, marketing research, and marketing strategy. We emphasize written and oral communication skills, because clear communication with clients and colleagues is a must in this field.

Department of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship | 224 Grove Hall | (717) 477-1439

    Student Professional Organizations provide a variety of opportunities for you to develop professional contacts, enhance your course of study with hands-on application, and build lasting friendships within the business community. During your senior year, you may be invited to take part in the Investment Management Program class, where students manage a real-money portfolio. For more information, visit the IMP website. Outside of the classroom, the Investment Club gives you hands-on experience in managing the Ship Global Collegiate Fund. These groups have been recognized for excellence in portfolio management at regional and national competitions.

    Ship has a well-established Business Internship Program that provides opportunities for on-the-job experience while gaining college credits. While participation is not mandatory, students earn one full credit hour to every equivalent of a 40-hour workweek they finish. Students can receive a maximum of 9 credits.

    Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship
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