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Faculty Advisors

Department of Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Majors

Dr. Shelley Morrisette

Business Management Majors

Last Name begins with:  A - D          Advisor:  Dr. Blake Hargrove
Last Name begins with:  E - G          Advisor:  Dr. Nathan Goates
Last Name begins with:  H - K          Advisor:  Dr. Bob Stephens
Last Name begins with:  L - Q          Advisor:  Dr. Wendy Becker
Last Name begins with:  R - Z          Advisor:   Dr. Joseph Beck

Human Resource Management Majors

Dr. Jerry Carbo
Dr. Vicki Taylor

International Management Majors

Dr. Allison Watts

Marketing Majors (all concentrations)

Advisors assigned when major is declared, check MyShip for assignment

Dr. Adam Powell
Dr. Mike Coolsen

Dr. Yancy Edwards
Dr. Mohammad Rahman
Dr. Sunhee Choi

Check myShip for Advisor assignment

Department Chair - Dr. Robert Stephens | GRH 220 | 717-477-1684