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Careers and Alumni

Alida L. Padilla (1998), Health Operations Coordinator: "The major gave me the experience and knowledge to be versatile in many aspects of the social services field. It has built my confidence with regards to public speaking and networking, also in resolving conflict as a supervisor."

Christine Keffer (1993), Surveyor for Pinto Engineering: "No matter what, you can use the skills learned. In all my interviews I said, 'I can be trained in any job,' but good communication skills are invaluable in an employee."

Dan Casey (1991), Director of Marketing and Sales for Aventis Pasteur: "Communication is the most important ingredient to one's success in today's work environment."

Jennifer Fisher (1994): "Being able to communicate and work with others is the skill that is required in every job, so the skills can be used in 1,000 plus careers, jobs and in your everyday life. Everyone should be a major."

Kara Wealand (2003), Financial Aid Administrator: "I use all aspects of my major in my professional career. Skills include interviewing, discussion, resolving conflict, large, small group instruction, presentation, public speaking. This major helped me to become more extroverted and increased my interaction skills with individuals. This was the most enjoyable aspect of my college career. I am thankful to have gone through such an excellent program."

Kyle Webb (1998), Political Campaign Coordinator: "I oversee a staff of nearly thirty members. Interpersonal communication skills have proven to be the key element in my ability to persuade public opinion. My speech writing skills have helped save several candidates from making critical errors in their public addresses."

Christine Bartholomew (1995): "Good Communication skills, written and oral, are used in every profession that requires you to work with people. You can't go wrong. I think you can apply a communication curriculum to many industries, companies, and careers!" 

Kate Wolfe (2002): "The curriculum helped me in my daily interaction with clients who have levels of comprehensions, and in being able to communicate with them all. It also helped me in my interactions with local service providers and agencies." 

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