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Communication Studies

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Communication is a learned skill, one that encompasses verbal and nonverbal messages, as well as listening and understanding. The academic endeavor of Communication Studies allows students to fully understand, and better shape, human interaction in all facets of professional and personal lives. As defined by the Association for Communication Administration (1995), Communication Studies focuses on how people use messages to generate meanings within and across various contexts, cultures, channels, and media. The field promotes the effective and ethical practice of human understanding.

The study of human communication is an encounter that enhances understandings and skills that are fundamental for understanding all realms of human life. The study of human communication enables us to be more strategic and thus more effective in management of human affairs. As a result, we are better able to discover the power within all human beings and their relationship to the world -- human communication is the tool for defining and constructing society and the major for personal and career success! And when it comes to human communication's role in personal and career success, noted executive coach and clinical psychologist, Dr. Darryl Cross, without reservation concurs. Click here for his assessment. 

The mission of the Department of Communication Studies is to promote a student-centered educational experience that develops students -- critical and creative thinking and their ability to express ideas in a succinct and articulate manner, through theory and ethical practice in communication. The department focuses on building students -- cultural mindfulness, professional development, and service to the global community. Furthermore, students acquire an understanding of communication, its theory, practice, and ethical implications for their chosen fields so that they may lead productive and reflective lives of achievement, leadership, and service in a diverse and rapidly changing world. Faculty in the Department understands the importance of and provides opportunities for students' participation and co-creation in their learning process. The department emphasizes the faculty-student co-creation of a holistic academic experience that nurtures students -- enthusiasm.

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