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Computer Science, Applications Concentration, B.S.

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This is our core Computer Science degree.  It is designed to provide as strong a foundation in Computer Science as possible, while still leaving some space for free electives. Identified skills for students in this concentration include:

  • Finding solutions to difficult problems and implementing them in a programming language
  • Applying these problem solving and programming skills to problems in a wide range of domains such as Network Programming, AI, Video Game  Programming, etc...
  • Interacting with professionals in the chosen domain to find solutions to problems
  • Working as a member of an interdisciplinary team

Students in this concentration take the following courses:

Science Requirement (Choose Two): BIOL 161, BIOL 162, CHEM 121/125, CHEM 122/126, ESSC 110, PHYS 205/124, PHYS 206/126 

BIOL 161, BIOL 162, CHEM 121, ESSC 110, and PHYS 205 can be counted as Gen Ed.

Math Requirement: MATH 211, MATH 225, MATH 217, and MAT 318

MATH 211 and MATH 225 count as Gen Ed.

Core Computer Science Courses:
CMSC 110 Computer Science I 
CMSC 111 Computer Science II 
SWEN 200 Design Patterns 4
CMPE 220 Computer Organization
CMSC 310 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CMPE 320 Operating Systems 
CMSC 410 Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science
CMSC 471 Database Management Systems
CMSC 498 Senior Research Methods
CMSC 499 Senior Research and Development

Concentration Courses:
CMSC 300+ Elective
CMSC 300+ Elective 

Interdisciplinary Elective (Choose One):
ART 217 Computer Design I
GEOG 339 Remote Sensing
ECON 333 Research and Analysis in Economics
INFS 344 Business System Analysis and Design
INFS 399 Information Security
MATH 326 Mathematical Modeling
MATH 219 Data Science I
PSYC 325 Psychology of Human Cognition

The Undergraduate Catalog details specifics about course requirements and sequencing.

Contact the Computer Science Department 156 Mathematics and Computing Technologies Center 1871 Old Main Drive, Shippensburg, PA 17257 Phone: 717-477-1178