Application Process and Deadlines

Application Process

We recommend that you begin the study abroad application process at least one year in advance in order to have enough time to complete all paperwork and plan accordingly for your time overseas. Please follow these five steps to complete the application process:Costs

  1. Attend a Study Abroad 101 session or attend an advising appointment by contacting the Center for Global Education at (717) 477-1279
  2. Choose a location and program of study
  3. Complete all applications from the program you've chosen and the Center for Global Education
  4. Submit applications, an official transcript, and all other documentation required by the appropriate deadlines
  5. Confirm your place on your study abroad program and pay any required deposits

For students who have a documented disability and will need accommodations abroad, please contact the Office of Accessibility Resources.


Planning ahead is key to a successful study abroad experience. You must submit all of the necessary paperwork on time.

Be aware that deadlines for some overseas programs are earlier than the deadlines set by the Center for Global Education at Shippensburg.

NOTE: Different overseas universities and programs have various requirements for their applications. It is your responsibility to ensure all documentation is submitted on time. When in doubt, check with an advisor!

Deadlines exist so you can manage your time appropriately to schedule classes, acquire a passport/visa, and prepare for life overseas. If you are unsure of what you need to do in order to meet your deadline, contact the Center for Global Education at (717) 477-1279.