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The Graduate Success Center

Welcome to the Graduate Success Center website! The Graduate Success Center (GSC) was established to help you develop academically and to foster an enjoyable graduate school experience. Within these web pages, you will find multiple resources curated to guide you as you work toward your academic and career goals, as well as resources on social events, recreation, and more! 

Our mission is to ensure that all graduate students have the maximum opportunity to develop academically and professionally during their time at Shippensburg University. 

How we do it: 

  • Connect students with the resources they need 
  • Collaborate with the Graduate Student Association (GSA) 
  • Support graduate students to enhance their success 
  • Create opportunities for social connection  
  • Provide workshops and professional development opportunities
  • Perform research on best practices in graduate student support 
  • Obtain student feedback on graduate programs and services

For questions or to reach out for support, contact  

Check out our graduate student catalog here.  

Refer to the Graduate Student Guidebook to learn how to prepare for graduate school, obtain general campus information, and to discover the array of campus resources to support you on your academic journey.

Graduate school contacts: