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Parking and Traffic Regulations

Article I - Authority 

Section 100

THE PENNSYLVANIA CRIMES CODE of 1972 (Act 334) Section 7505, subject "Violation of Governmental Rules Regarding Traffic," provides that: "Each Commonwealth agency shall promulgate rules and regulations governing all vehicular traffic at those Commonwealth facilities situated upon the property of the Commonwealth which are within the exclusive jurisdiction of such agency including but not limited to regulations governing the parking of vehicles upon such property."

Article II - Definitions 

Section 200 TERMS:

Campus. The term "campus" shall mean the site at which the university has its administrative headquarters and all branches, extension centers, and other university-owned or administered grounds and facilities.

Highway. The term "highway" shall mean any drive, lane, road, street, or trail located on or abutting a university campus.

Motor Vehicle. The term 'motor vehicle" shall refer to self-propelled vehicles other than bicycles.

Section 201 ALL OTHER DEFINITIONS except as stated in Section 200 above shall be the same as those definitions in the "Vehicle Code" for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Section 102.


Faculty-Staff: Hangtags are appropriately marked to indicate employees. Signs are posted along roadways and at entrances to parking lots with "F," "S," or "F/S" to indicate which category of employee is entitled to park in said lot.

Commuter Students: Hangtags will display “COMMUTER,” which will correspond with "C" signs located within or at entrances to parking areas indicating commuter parking. This hangtag is available only to students living off campus.

Resident Student Parking: Hangtags will display “RESIDENT," which will correspond with "R" signs that are located within or at entrances to parking areas to indicate the category of parking provided. This hangtag is available to students living on campus who have completed 60 credit hours. As part of its LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, the university provides preferred parking for low-emitting and fuel-efficient vehicles.  A fuel-efficient vehicle is defined as one having a green score of 40 or more, according to the annual vehicle rating guide of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (  These spaces are provided in the R-1, R-3, and R-4 parking lots and are clearly posted.  Only vehicles displaying “RESIDENT” hangtags and having the approved green score are permitted to park in these spaces.

Storage Parking: Hangtags indicating “STORAGE” will be issued to freshman and sophomore resident students who qualify under the special provisions of these regulations. The storage lots are located along Lancaster Drive (L-1 Lot) and along Britton Road off Paul Drive (L-2 Lot). Vehicles registered under these special provisions may not park in any other parking area at any time for any reason.

Contractor Parking: Food service, day care, bookstore, Head Start, and Raider Bus employees will be issued contractor decals. They will park in Staff employee parking lots designated with "S" or "F/S." An exception to this rule will be Shippensburg University students, as provided in Section 304. Employees of general contractors engaged in the construction of buildings, roadways, electrical, or other contracted services to the university will park in areas agreed upon by the Director of Public Safety and the contractor.

Motorcycle Parking: Motorcycles may park in any legal space.

Temporary Parking Permits: Temporary registration and permission to park on campus will be issued by the Director of Public Safety or his/her representative upon payment of a fee established by the university. Vehicles on loan and owned by a licensed garage or car dealer while a registered vehicle is being repaired are not subject to this section. Vehicles owned by individuals (parents, spouses, friends) and being used on a temporary basis are subject to payment of the temporary registration fee. Students, faculty, and staff may receive only 3 temporary parking passes in the course of the academic year. Failure to comply with this section will result in a fee of $30.00 being assessed against the violator for failing to register his/her temporary motor vehicle. Temporary parking decals will be issued for a period of 10 days only.

Visitor Parking: Visitors to students will register their respective motor vehicles with the University Police Department. Upon completion of registration, each visitor will be issued a parking permit (at no fee) indicating the visitor's name, registration number, state, approved parking area, and expiration date. Visitor passes will be displayed on the dash of the vehicle. Visitors are subject to all traffic and parking regulations of the university and laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as may apply. Graduate or undergraduate students of the university obtaining visitor permits for a vehicle will have violated the intent of this section and will be charged with illegal registration.

Guests of the University/Vendors: Upon request of the guest, sponsor or vendor, an official visitor pass will be issued by the University Police Department at no charge. Visitor passes will be displayed on the dash of the vehicle. Visitor passes will indicate the name of the visitor or vendor, the parking area, and the expiration date of the pass.

Purple Heart Parking: The university is proud to offer Purple Heart parking passes to those individuals who qualify for them.  An individual, upon showing proof of being a Purple Heart medal recipient, will be issued a hanging pass, which will allow them to park in any space on campus that is not otherwise assigned to a specific individual.  It should be noted that faculty, staff, and students who qualify for a Purple Heart parking pass must still purchase and display a university parking decal.

Article III - Registration of Vehicles 

Section 300 OPERATOR RESPONSIBILITY: Every faculty member, staff member, student, and contracted employee of or at Shippensburg University, who possesses, maintains, or operates a vehicle on the campus, shall register and obtain a proper parking permit. Vehicles must be registered and a parking permit obtained even if use is intermittent. A fee established by the university will be charged for each permit. Vehicles are not considered registered until the parking hangtag is hung upon the rear-view mirror and is clearly visible. Faculty and staff may not register vehicles that will be operated by their dependents who will be attending the university. If the dependent is using a vehicle registered by a member of the faculty or staff, a student permit must be displayed, and the vehicle parked in the appropriate student parking area at the time the student is operating the vehicle. Violation of this regulation will result in a $50.00 illegal registration fine.

Section 301 PROHIBITED OPERATION/REGISTRATION: All registered students may operate, be permitted to operate, or register a motor vehicle at Shippensburg University, subject to the limitations listed in Section 306 of these regulations.

Section 302 SPECIAL PARKING ARRANGEMENTS: Request for special parking privileges will be considered by the university in those cases where strict compliance with these regulations may cause undue hardship to students, faculty, staff, or contractor employees. Such requests will be addressed in person to the Director of Public Safety on a preliminary basis. The university may require formal statements of the circumstances leading to requests of this nature.

Section 303 ISSUE OF PARKING HANGTAGS: Parking hangtags will be issued to those authorized faculty, staff, contractors, and students who pay the appropriate fee and meet the qualifications for a parking hangtag. Each requester must present a valid operator's license, vehicle registration, and proof of insurance, along with proof of university affiliation.

Section 304 STUDENT EMPLOYEES OF THE UNIVERSITY AND/OR CONTRACTORS: Shippensburg University students, both graduate, and undergraduate, employed by the university or a contractor providing services to the university will not be given consideration to park in areas other than those designated "R," "C," or "L". Purchase and use of a contractor decal by students will be considered an illegal registration.

Section 305 DISPLAY OF PERMITS: Parking permits must be displayed on the rear-view mirror and made clearly visible.

Section 306 ILLEGAL REGISTRATION: Registration of motor vehicles is limited to those vehicles owned by the registering individual or the immediate family (father, mother, or spouse) of the registering individual. Registration of vehicles other than those owned by the immediate family must be approved by the Director of Public Safety. The giving of false information when applying for a parking decal or failure to report changes that affect the status of a vehicle will be considered a violation of this section.

Section 307 COMPANY OWNED VEHICLE: Vehicles owned by companies or business firms will be registered only with the expressed permission of the Director of Public Safety.

Section 308 LIABILITY: Shippensburg University, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Shippensburg University Foundation, and Shippensburg University Student Services, Inc. assume no responsibility or liability for loss or damage to any vehicle or contents of such.

Section 309 MULTIPLE VEHICLES: Owners and/or operators may register more than one vehicle by registering each vehicle on-line and paying the fee set by the university. Students may have only one vehicle parked on campus at any given time. Student parking hang tags are not transferable from one vehicle to another.

Article IV - Supplemental Provisions 

Section 400 PARKING ALONG STREETS OR ROADWAYS: Vehicles parked in parking areas along all streets and roadways (that are not marked for parking) will be cited under the provisions of these regulations. Fines not paid within five (5) days may be forwarded to the district magistrate under the provisions of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code as amended.

Section 401 VIOLATION RESPONSIBILITY: Vehicles registered with the university and in violation of these regulations will be the responsibility of the person registering the vehicle. Unregistered vehicles in violation of these regulations shall be the responsibility of the operator and/or owner of the vehicles.


A. OPERATION. A person commits a summary offense under 18 Pa.C.S. Section 7505 (relating to violation of governmental rules regarding traffic) if they do any of the following on any university campus:

  1. Operates a motor vehicle on a highway at a speed in excess of the maximum posted limit.
  2. Operates a motor vehicle on any highway which is posted as closed to motor vehicles.
  3. Operates a motor vehicle on a designated snow emergency route during a declared snow emergency without snow tires or chains.
  4. Operates a motor vehicle so as to cause excessive noise or nuisance to the public peace and order.
  5. Operates a motor vehicle being used for business or commerce without specific written approval from an authorized official of the university.
  6. Operates a motor vehicle on university grounds other than roads or other areas designated for the operation of motor vehicles.

B. PARKING. A person commits a summary offense under Pa.C.S. Section 7505 (relating to violation of governmental rules regarding traffic) if they do any of the following on the university campus:

  1. Parks a motor vehicle in any place except in designated or posted parking areas.
  2. Parks a motor vehicle that obstructs any gate, road, bicycle path, access way, drinking fountain, entrance, exit, or road turnaround.
  3. Parks a motor vehicle in an area that is posted or closed.
  4. Parks a motor vehicle within fifteen (15) feet of a fire hydrant.
  5. Parks a motor vehicles on crosswalks, on sidewalks, on patios, or in areas or roadways not specifically marked for parking.
  6. Where parking spaces are defined, operators must observe the confines of each space.

Section 403 TOWING: Vehicles parked in violation of the University Traffic and Parking Regulations for more than twenty-four (24) hours or those vehicles causing hazardous conditions (blocking fire lanes, etc.) will be towed away at the expense of the person registering the vehicle and/or the Owner of the vehicle. Registered vehicles parked in areas that have been reserved for a special activity or closed to the public by barricades, gates, or special posting may be towed immediately should the vehicle be parked by the operator after that area has been specifically barricaded or posted. Towing on streets shall be in accordance with the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code.

Section 404 VEHICLE IMMOBILIZATION: Any vehicle operator who has three (3) or more delinquent parking tickets or who continues to disobey the university's parking and traffic rules and regulations by having five (5) or more paid parking tickets, will have their vehicle immobilized (booted). Operators who fail to pay their parking tickets within 5 days, will have their vehicle immobilized (booted). The fee to have the immobilizer (boot) removed is $50.00, plus any outstanding monies owed to the university. Operators who have had their vehicle immobilized (booted) twice will have their vehicle immobilized (booted) immediately upon receiving any additional tickets. Vehicles that have been immobilized (booted) for more than 7 days will be towed at the owner's expense.

Section 405 AVAILABILITY OF PARKING SPACES: The responsibility for finding a legal parking space rests with the vehicle operator during normal periods that the university is in operation. The Director of Public Safety and his/her staff will provide special parking areas and will extend special considerations to vehicle operators during periods when the university is hosting conferences or other activities that attract an unusual number of vehicles to the campus.

Section 406 PARKING POSITION OF VEHICLE:  Vehicles will not be parked with the left side of the vehicle to the curb. Vehicles will park only in their direction of travel from the driving lane. (Exception to this rule is "one way" drives that indicate parking on the left side.) Vehicles will not be parked on the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the curb or edge of the roadway.

Section 407 DISPLAYING OF PARKING HANGTAGS: Vehicles must display only current hangtags; all other outdated hangtags of Shippensburg University must be removed. Failure to comply with this section of these regulations will be considered to be an "improper display of permit."

Section 408 OVERNIGHT PARKING: Student vehicles registered for Resident "R" parking must be parked in their respective lots at 0300 hours daily. Commuter students remaining on the campus overnight may park in commuter lots designed for 24-hour parking. In no case will student parking be permitted in areas or lots posted "No parking 3:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m." without permission of the Director of Public Safety or his/her representative. Faculty and staff vehicles properly registered will be permitted to be parked overnight in any faculty or staff lot or area provided coordination has been made with the University Police Department.

Section 409 RESTRICTION OF PARKING: The university reserves the right to restrict parking for special purposes at any time. The Director of Public Safety may, at her/his discretion, designate areas normally prohibited for parking as legal parking areas for special occasions and/or emergencies.

Section 410 ABANDONED VEHICLES: Vehicles parked in parking lots or other private areas not properly displaying valid state license plates or current motor vehicle inspection stickers will be considered abandoned and will be turned over to an authorized salver for disposition. Vehicles parked along streets or roadways will be considered abandoned in accordance with the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code.

Section 411 RESIDENCE HALL VISITORS: Weekday, weekend, or holiday visitors to the campus are subject to all rules and regulations of the university. Guests of residence hall students will register their vehicles with the University Police Department. There is no charge for this service. Visitors will be instructed as to where to park while on campus by the officer on duty and will be issued a visitor's parking pass for the length of their stay.

Section 412 LOT OR AREA PARKING ASSIGNMENTS: No vehicle will be parked in a lot or area other than that designated by the parking hangtag. (Example: Faculty, Staff, "Commuter," "Resident," Storage.) Areas will be posted with an appropriate sign to indicate the type, hours of authorized parking, and time limitations.

Section 413 DISABLED VEHICLES: It will be the responsibility of the registered owner/operator of a motor vehicle to report to the University Police Department the location of a disabled motor vehicle. Failure to report an illegally parked disabled vehicle will be considered a parking violation, and a parking ticket will be issued under the appropriate section of these regulations. Disabled vehicles creating a hazard to other motorists will be towed to a safe area at the expense of the operator/owner.

Article V - Penalties 



  1. Within 15 feet of a fire hydrant ..........................$50.00
  2. Within an intersection ........................................$30.00
  3. On a crosswalk ..................................................$30.00
  4. In a loading zone ...............................................$30.00
  5. In an unauthorized area .....................................$30.00
  6. On a sidewalk .....................................................$30.00
  7. In any parking place other than that designated on the vehicle's hangtag, as noted in Section 300 $20.00
  8. In any area other than a regular designated parking space, which shall be marked by lines, markings, or signs, $20.00
  9. With the left side of the vehicle to the curb. Vehicles will park only in their direction of travel from the driving lane. (Exception to this rule in one-way drives that indicate parking on the left side.) ....... $20.00
  10. On the roadway side of any vehicle stopped or parked at the curb or edge of the roadway $20.00
  11. Parking in a reserved handicapped space without an HP license plate or decal $50.00 (or as posted)
  12. Other violations of university regulations .......................$20.00

Section 500(a) ASSESSMENT OF FINES AND PENALTIES FOR NON-PAYMENT WITHIN FIVE (5) DAYS: Fines and penalties will be levied against all owners and/or operators in the amount set by law under Section 7505 of the Pennsylvania Crimes Code. These fines and penalties will be for any violation of Section 402 A. OPERATION and Section 402 B. PARKING when filed under 7505 of the Crimes Code.


  1. Failure to register vehicle ........................................$30.00
  2. Illegal registration ....................................................$50.00
  3. Unauthorized operation ...........................................$50.00
  4. Vehicle immobilization (boot) removal .....................$50.00
  5. Exceeding posted speed limit ..................................$50.00

Section 501 MOVING VIOLATIONS: Persons issued state citations for moving violations within the confines of Shippensburg University will be brought before a district magistrate under the provisions of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code as amended.

Section 502 PAYMENT OF FINES: Payment of parking fines or penalties may be made to the University Police Department twenty-four (24) hours daily, in person (cash or check), mailed, or paid online. Fines or penalties must be paid within five (5) days from the date of issue. Payment of fines for state citations will be paid to the district magistrate.

Section 503 UNPAID FINES OR PENALTIES: Failure to respond within the above time period may result in the forwarding of a citation to the district magistrate for further action. Citations being forwarded to the district magistrate will carry an increase in penalties as may be levied by the court in accordance with the Pennsylvania Crimes Code or the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code, whichever is appropriate. Students who fail to pay fines within the above time period will have holds placed on their records. They will be prohibited from scheduling classes and obtaining transcripts.

Section 504 APPEALS: Operators and/or owners of vehicles issued tickets for violations of these regulations may appeal the ticket in writing, on a form picked up at the University Police Department within 120 hours (five days) after the violation, to the Director of Public Safety. Appeals submitted electronically will NOT be accepted.  Appeals denied by the Director of Public Safety may be forwarded to the University Parking and Appeals Committee at the request of the individual receiving a ticket. Decisions of the appeals committee will be final. The fine must be paid in advance when an appeal is requested. If the appeal is upheld, the fine money will be returned.


Article VI - Motorcycle Regulations 

Section 600 PARKING: Parking will not be permitted under overhangs of residence halls, porches or within university buildings.

Section 601 OBSERVATION OF REGULATIONS: Motorcycle operators will observe all rules and regulations that apply to other motor vehicles.

Section 602 DISPLAY OF HANGTAG: Because the hangtag will not be able to be securely fastened to a motorcycle, the hangtag will not have to be displayed.

Article VII - Pedalcycle (Bicycle/Scooter) Regulations 

Section 700 REGISTRATION: All pedalcycles/scooters operated on the roadways and grounds of Shippensburg University can be registered with the University Police Department, and a registration decal should be displayed. There will be no charge for this service.

Section 701 PARKING: Operators of pedalcycles/scooters will park their vehicles in racks and spaces provided for their use throughout the confines of the university. Pedalcycles may not be attached to signs, tables, fences, or anything other than a bike rack. Pedalcycles/scooters parked on roadways or in parking lots will be parked in such a manner so as not to interfere with vehicular traffic. Under no circumstances will pedalcycles/scooters be parked in stairwells, hallways attached to steam or water pipes, or other unapproved spaces within a residence hall administrative or academic building. Pedalcycles/scooters found in violation may be removed and held at the University Police Department.

Section 702 PEDALCYCLES EQUIPPED WITH MOTORS: Pedalcycles/scooters equipped with motors/mopeds, regardless of size, will be operated and parked in accordance with articles, sections, or sub-sections of these regulations pertaining to motor vehicles and will not at any time be stored or parked within any building of the university.

Section 703 PENNSYLVANIA VEHICLE CODE: Violations not covered by this article will be enforced in accordance with the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code as amended.

Article VIII - Enforcement Provisions 

Section 800 RESPONSIBILITY: The Director of Public Safety, Shippensburg University, and his/her staff are responsible for the implementation of these regulations.

Section 801 LIMITATIONS OF ACTIONS: Any person charged with violating any of the provisions of these rules and regulations shall be served with a ticket for said violation. The ticket will show the nature of the offense charged. The time, date, and place of the alleged offense. Said ticket shall bear the identification of the officer issuing the same. Persons receiving tickets must comply with Section 500 of these regulations to avoid possible prosecution by the district magistrate.

Section 802 OFFENSES BY OTHER THAN THOSE ACCUSED BY PRIMA FACIE COMPLAINT: A citation charging parking violations of any of the provisions of these rules in such detail as the university may prescribe as being necessary for its records may be brought before a magistrate within the county where the alleged violation occurred. Where a prima facie complaint is filed against a person accused of a summary offense, and it subsequently appears that a person other than the person named in the complaint was the offender, a complaint may be filed against such other person within two (2) years after his or her identity shall have been discovered.

Section 803 REGISTRATION NUMBER - PRIMA FACIE EVIDENCE: In any proceeding for a violation of the provisions of these regulations, the registration plate or parking decal or permit displayed on such vehicle shall be prima facie evidence that the owner of such vehicle was then operating the same. If at any hearing or proceeding, the owner shall testify under oath or affirmation that he was not operating the said vehicle at the time of the alleged violation and shall submit himself to an examination as to who at that time was operating such vehicle and reveal the name of the person if known to him, or if the information is made in a county other than that of his own residence he shall forward to the magistrate an affidavit setting forth these facts then the prima facie evidence arising from the registration plate shall be overcome and removed and the burden of proof shifted.

Section 804 LEGAL PROCEDURE: Proceeding by citation summons or warrant before a magistrate shall be in accordance with the Rules of Criminal Procedure in effect at the time of the violation.