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Parking Information

Q. How much are parking permits, and when will they expire?
A. The cost of a full-year student parking permit is $75.00 for the first permit; additional permits for the same student are $10.00. Permits are valid from September 1st of each year to August 31st of the following year. Parking permit purchases are nonrefundable. The cost for all employee parking permits is $1.00.

Q. What type of permit do I get, and where should I park?
A. Students living off campus will receive a Commuter hang tag; this will permit you to park in the Commuter Parking Lots. Students living on campus who have obtained at least 60 credits or more (Junior/Senior) will receive a Resident hang tag; this will permit students to park in the Resident Parking Lots. Freshman and Sophomore students living on campus will be issued a Storage Parking Only hang tag. The Storage Lot or the General Lot are the only places you can park with a Storage hang tag. Employees will receive an Employee hang tag. Contractors will receive a Contractor hang tag. Visitors will be issued a Visitor parking pass. Vehicles with Commuter or Resident hang tags may park in some Faculty and Staff (F/S) parking areas from 6 p.m. until 3 a.m., unless otherwise posted.  

Q. Where can I pay for my parking tickets?
A. Parking tickets, with remittance, can be mailed with the envelope provided to the University Police Department, paid at the Police Department (cash or check only), or paid online at The department is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Q. If I need to drive another vehicle, where can I get a temporary permit?A. Temporary permits may be obtained at the Police Department 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Q. If my usual lot is full, where should I park?
A. All vehicles must park in lots that correspond with their permits.  If your usual lot is full you need to park in another lot that has that same designation.

Q. What time can I park without a parking permit?
A. Parking permits are required 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Weekend visitors require parking permits as well.

Q. Where can I purchase a parking hang tag?
A. Faculty, staff, and students who will be parking vehicles on campus will be required to register those vehicles for hang tags online by visiting  After completing the process, faculty and staff members must bring their University ID card, along with payment, to the University Police Department.  They will then be issued their parking hang tag.

Students, while completing the online process, must purchase their hang tag online by using a credit card. After registering, students must then bring their student ID, operator's license, and vehicle registration to the SUSSI office located in the CUB room 204 (Fiscal Office). The Fiscal Office will provide students with information and instructions on where they are permitted to park.

Register for permit

Q. May I transfer my hang tag to another vehicle?
A. Student hang tags are not transferable from one vehicle to another.  For a second or subsequent vehicle, you must purchase an additional hang tag for $10.00.

Q. Where do I display my hang tag?
A. Parking hang tags must be clearly displayed on your rear-view mirror located on your front windshield. 

Q. If a friend comes to visit me, do they need a parking pass?
A. Yes, they must register their vehicle with the University Police, located in the Reed Operations Center. This department is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for your convenience. All visitors will be assigned a lot in which to park.

Q. How do I file a parking ticket appeal?
A. Persons receiving a parking ticket may appeal it by filling out an appeal form, which may be picked up at the University Police Department.  Appeals must be completed and returned within 120 hours (five days) after the violation. The appeal will then be reviewed by the Director of Public Safety, and a decision will be sent to you via email. Appeals that have been denied by the Director of Public Safety may be forwarded to the University Parking and Appeals Committee, at the request of you. The Appeals Committee's decision will be final. 

Q. If I am a Freshman or Sophomore student who has to park in the Storage Parking Lot 24 hours a day, how do I load my vehicle to go home?
A. If you have large items to place in your vehicle or to unload from your vehicle, you must call the University Police and inform them that you will be parked in front of your residence hall while you are loading or unloading your vehicle. You will be permitted 15 minutes to load or unload your vehicle. If you receive a parking ticket while loading or unloading and did not call the Police Department, you will be responsible for the payment of the ticket.

Q. How many parking tickets can I receive?
A. Any vehicle operator who has three (3) or more delinquent parking tickets, or who continues to disobey the university's parking and traffic rules and regulations by having five (5) or more paid parking tickets, will have their vehicle immobilized (booted). Operators who fail to pay their parking tickets within 5 days, will have their vehicle immobilized (booted). The fee to have the immobilizer (boot) removed is $50.00, plus any outstanding monies owed to the university. Operators who have had their vehicle immobilized (booted) twice will have their vehicle immobilized (booted) immediately upon receiving any additional tickets. Vehicles that have been immobilized (booted) for more than 7 days will be towed at the owner's expense.  

Q. How much are parking tickets?
A. Parking tickets range in cost depending on the violation.

Offense Cost
General parking violation $10-50
Parking in handicapped spaces
(first offense)
$50 + State Citation
Parking w/out Parking Permit $30
Boot removal $50

Q. Do Graduate Students need a parking hang tag?
A. Yes, everyone who parks a vehicle on campus needs a parking hang tag. Graduate Students need them even for evening parking and for the summer sessions.

Q. As a Student, how do I know where to park?
A. All parking lots are marked with posted signs: "C" Lots for Commuter students, "R" Lots for Resident students, and "L" for Storage students. Students must park in the lots designated by their parking hang tag. In addition, all student parking areas are painted with white parking lines, and Faculty and Staff areas are painted with yellow parking lines. Parking rules and regulations remain in effect throughout the academic year, INCLUDING THE SUMMER. Individuals should park only in appropriately designated areas as indicated on their hang tag. During the summer months, students may park in any STUDENT parking lots with any valid student hang tag. They MAY NOT park in any Faculty or Staff lots except from 6 p.m. until 3 a.m. for those with Commuter or Resident hang tags, unless otherwise posted.

Download PDF Parking Map

If a question is not answered here or you need more information, contact the Shippensburg University Police at (717) 477-1444 or email